Don’t You Dare Get between Me And The Coffee Maker

The start and the end of my day

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Most mornings I fire up the coffee maker and fill it with a freshly ground bean from Caribou Coffee. My wife and I are in love with Caribou and if you  live in a winter climate, this perfect brew is a must. This is just a quick poem about my obsession with Caribou and my morning routine. This was written fast and carefree so don’t be too harsh on me. lol


The Life Giving Goodness 

 an obsession by Chris



If my swollen face looks older than my age

The life-giving liquid is sure to be uncaged

My fingers will fly to the whole bean bag

And savagely rip open removing the tag


For  roasted goodness will begin to tumble-down

filling my grinder…the one with the horrible sound

If you were sleeping when its power is applied

You will mumble “who the heck just died’?


A grab of the carafe and a mighty pour

While  guiding its fall into the reservoir

Sometimes drenching the counter in anticipated bliss

Eye lids at half mast  awaiting  coffee’s kiss


With the grinder’s fresh kill and its grounds to be scooped

I’m praying my energy will soon be recouped

For I have built an aromatic mound

Now scalding water emits a gurgling sound


I stumble to chair with mug in hand

sweeping the cobwebs from dreamland

Waiting is torture with a 10 minute brew

But absolutely necessary for this day anew


Three little beeps signal “job done”

With death grip on cup I now run

The closer I get; the sweeter the syrup

I begin to understand all the fuss in Europe


Encircled in a waft that must resemble Elysium 

Sending my senses in a state of delirium

My lips find home on the ceramic rim

My internal gas gauge has hit its brim


All around me surrounded by fellow commuters

Streets filled with sour faces and road rage shooters

My day’s brighter with a warm fulfilled face

While cruising my route with style and grace


I hit work with a powerful stride

Coworkers notice my Bond-like glide

After inserting my body into my chair

Coffee is cradled with great care


 Fellow workers: Here’s a rule not to be ignored

If hand is on mug, then open my door

But if mug is amiss and expression is dour

Take hand off of knob and return in an hour


Most days I’m seen with my elixir of love

It rights my ship like an olive branched dove

My routine can’t be tempted by Coke or Mountain Dew

For me it’s Mocha Java served by my local “Bou”





5 thoughts on “Don’t You Dare Get between Me And The Coffee Maker

  1. Uaoo, I am sooo home sick! Miss my Caramel latte, my every morning routine in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Moorhead, Mankato( where I lived, where my kids go to colloge etc….) Miss it so!!!!!

  2. I totally feel your pain. I am pretty sure the coffee maker at my house could replace my alarm clock. Nothing better than finding the bottom of a Mocha Java cup.

  3. I am getting tired of italian capuccinos, even if they are amazing..but I want my Caribou!!!So true, you never know whats important until is gone!!!Ha ha…

    1. Now, correct my if I am wrong, but aren’t cappucini italiani molto piccolo? I hate to be all super sized American and all that BUT, here in the midwest, if you bring over a little demme tasse you’re gonna get smacked. Bring my “Bou” in a giant bucket if you got one.

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