The Greatest Orator Ever!

“Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts” -Cicero


If you haven’t read any of Cicero’s books then stop what you are doing and pick up one immediately. Cicero is a better word-smith than just about anyone and his moral sense of duty was unquestioned. Professors of Law Schools throughout the world study his work because his arguments are so compelling and sound. I love Cicero and re-read his political speech “In Verrum” every chance I get.  Give it a try if you like well constructed thought patterns.




7 thoughts on “The Greatest Orator Ever!

  1. If it’s great literature, if it’s Roman or something to do with the Roman Empire, I study it. I have books, coins, movies, lectures and more about this intriguing time period. I can’t get enough!

    1. Yeah, it is my dream to go there. The first trip, after I have a better command of the beautiful language, I want to hit all the usual stops: Roma, Firenze, Milano, Emilia Romangna. The second trip I want to visit the area my family is from: Foggia.

    1. I don’t know where my family is exactly from but the other day I was looking at pics of Monte S. Angelo and wondering if my progenitors walked the tall steps or lived in a white washed house on the hill. Maybe they were fisherman in Vieste or ran a small ristorante in Manfredonia. I wish I would have gotten more info from mi nonna before she passed. Thanks Dad for moving us every six months all over the US.

      1. I go visit my moms cousins in Peschici and Vieste once a month. I had a post on Vieste weeks ago..Places full of beauty and magic if you like the sea and forest, Foresta Umbra. This is a Godly coincidence…:)

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