You Have To Admit; I cheer till my lungs bleed

Don't offend or you'll get the point of my sword

One of my assignments this week was to write a little about being forgotten about or looked over. Here it is: I hope it touches someone. 


Cellophane Man

a poem by Chris



My faithful,dutiful commitment passes through the years

All sacrifices given freely and without measure

The growth of love is my charge

As a Templer Knight protects the grail with its service



I follow in tow

Stepping  aside in vocation, in residence

My meager hay-pennies add to nothing

And give no meat on the table


I am your ever willing cheerleader

When you win; we win

When I  believe; you achieve

My voice rises up above all others


I have swept aside other courtiers

I sing like a lark of your beauty, your brilliance

As a town crier alerts its citizens

I tout your praises to signal your holding of my heart


From the sidelines I wait

Ever vigilant and silent in my pride

Of the woman you’ve become

And the tower constructed well with crest flown high


My love, don’t look past

Don’t look through me like used cellophane

My self-denial has feed your flame

And I give support to your pier


Talents can’t be held back much longer

It roars like the bulls of Pamplona

My charge is fierce

For your Maker filled this vessel full


Come down from your tower and dry my tear

Take no more meetings and tend to your champion

Wipe my ruddy face with the hem of your dress

And place me on my horse with shield in hand and praise on your lips


5 thoughts on “You Have To Admit; I cheer till my lungs bleed

  1. …” from the sideline I wait ever vigilant and silent….., don’t look through me like used cellophane”…
    I felt all the deepest emotions as I read..
    Thanks for it! Bello!!!!

    1. I really wanted to give the image of looking through something that is being ignored and focusing past the point of reference. I am glad you liked it.

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