You Cannot Steal From Me What Is Not Yours


Thorns from my flesh
This Damn Thorn

This Damn Thorn

a poem by Chris

A perfect plan detoured

An objective thwarted

My strength of foundation chipped

Like the salt soaked rain cracks concrete

Motivation slowly ebbs

My inner circle begins to notice the weakness in my armour

Little places for arrows to find its home

A brave face plastered on for the souls around me

Few see the real inner struggle

Nights of pain and swelling

I pull a thorn, another emerges

If I could cut you, I would twist my crysknife deep

I would stand against you and take your water

But you are unseen

You remove little bits of life while I sleep

The crows gather and speak ill of me

Their words alight on the branches of half-truths

The daily grind is more arduous and cruel

Each day a small victory

Each moment lived is bone weary

Before this life-war, I gave to so many

Where are you; you takers of me

Why do you hide in my time of need

Why do your words of comfort fall short of my ears

Still I am not taken over by hate

Oh thorn, I will not lie down

You will have to take from my fist my chosen word

I will punch, claw, kick, elbow and finally bite

Until my teeth are broken and can find no purchase

I will not let you steal what you have not earned

My fingers will pluck your pricks from my flesh

Each day, each moment I will place one more step in front of another

I will run my race

Maybe not to win; but to finish, yes to finish

You will never have my treasure

And your efforts will be expelled

I will make my muscles rigid to push your pain from my tissue to fall from me forever

6 thoughts on “You Cannot Steal From Me What Is Not Yours

  1. Ciao, talking about someone that wear ones heart on ones sleeve! You do it for all of us that recognize the inner struggle and pain, and that like me do not know how to exspress it in words….”a brave face plastered on for the souls around to see”…I will run my race, maybe not to win but to finish…Yeah!

    1. Katia,
      Once again your words are very kind and I do appreciate them greatly. I often wonder if my work reaches/touches anyone. I am glad someone “Gets It”. Thank you again.

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