My blessing, my sometimes curse and my reason for living.


look at those pipes!
2 Tickets To The Gun Show

Now that the holiday season is now fully thrust upon us, I usually start to think about what matters most to me. Now when It comes to the old Great Plains Poet, I have received a heaping portion from the Big Guy Upstairs. A beautiful, ridiculously smart wife, talent, skill and my words are just some of the gifts God has chosen to impart to me freely. But, the one “Life Present” that I am focusing on this year is my son.  I am so blessed to have my son Connor in my life. I have gladly put aside dreams, aspirations plans and notions just to see him come through his school door with another “Character Counts” slip in his ecstatic small hand.  His toothless smile has pulled me out of funks, his silliness and high-pitched giggle has set my rough carved heart to jelly and his voracious want of knowledge of science and electronics has made special an otherwise regular life.

In my broken body, I have made extra efforts to teach, watch and listen to all his make believe stories and his ideas for new guitar effects pedals.  I have patiently listened to the 2 jokes he knows several times with the same laugh and encouragement. I have played Wii games until the wee hours of the night and been dealt too many hands of Go Fish to count.  I beam with pride over his love of Sci-Fi, Music(and not just SpongeBob. His favorite band is Led Zeppelin) and  electronics. To watch his mind work over an electrical schematic, is really something to be witness(his mother is VERY smart).My Connor is such added treasure to my once chaotic life. To say his presence in my life is “one of the best things to happen to me”, is such an enormous understatement, I really shouldn’t mention it; even The Great Plains Poet fails sometimes to choose the right words.

Now, not all times have been awesome. I can remember the earlier times when he couldn’t say the word “Chip” properly. He would say it “Bitch”. As you parents can imagine, children love to pick the worst times to blurt out things, he would almost yell this word out loud. The story goes like this: Connor and I were at the local grocery store and as young boys do, we had a hankering for “Chips” . I turned down the aisle and discovered there was a 2 for one sale on women in that aisle that day. As the cart began to jam because of my immediate U-turn, my son yells, no, screams, “Bitch daddy, Bitches”. I WAS MORTIFIED!! Then damage control kicked in and I began to explain to some of the women the story about the “Chip” word miss-speak, not all because, as it seemed, the moniker actually fit some of the women that day . I will NEVER forget that day.


God, thank you for such an invaluable gift.

Connor, lets keep going through life with the same wonder, excitement and talent until we go to see Jesus.

Connor, you are the best of your mother and I .


If there is a greater treasure than children, I have never heard of it.


2 thoughts on “My blessing, my sometimes curse and my reason for living.

  1. K….I FEEL YOU BROTHER!! Very well said. What a gift, what a blessing, what an honor that God has chosen us to parent our children….Amen!!

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