Let Out Your Inner Viking


Watch Out!! Tiny Vikings Are Afoot!!?!!





Let Out Your Inner Viking

by Chris


The day now upon us and dreary eyes awake

Children rush to open their take

Tiny vikings pillage their presents

Savages who can’t wait to see what grandma sent us


With flailing arms and a blur of paper

It’s all about speed in this Christmas caper

Ignoring the tags and who sent the gifts

Eyes become focussed and adrenaline lifts


Games, Spongebob and even some socks

Getting clothes for Christmas, boy, that’s a crock

Buzzing, whistling and a cacophony of noise

Weary faced parents, tired from building toys


Smiles, giggles and out-right laughter

As each child plays with the toy they were after

Kids lay down with chin propped up by hands

Little minds  drift off to imaginationland


Grandma spends hours cooking and she’s up til late

And you can’t leave the table till you finish your plate

So, it’s a shovelful of potatoes and a fork full of turkey

And a sprint back to the toys under the fir tree


Mom and dad lean back with coffee mug in hand

Watching tiny vikings ravage the land

An explosion of gift wrap litters the scene

Chocolate in the carpet; well isn’t that keen


Pets cry out with glee and rush to our feet

Smelling the stocking with a bacon flavored treat

Frantic tails wagging out of control

Knocking down ornaments and mistletoe


All those hours and Saturdays worked

And Jim from accounting, that tight-fisted jerk

All of it worth it  to see one accord

And the beaming young faces of the viking horde





3 thoughts on “Let Out Your Inner Viking

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