Life: Drudgery Or Delight?




Struggle, A Daily March



A Poem by Chris



March, march , I travel your parched wasteland

One step, one stumble and the drudgery continues day after day

Blisters, Boils and broken toes

The tattered shoes I bought let loose one  more stitch mile after mile


Water, my internal make up, where is your quench

The wastefulness of  my youth as I cleanse my mouth and spit

The world chokes it’s neighbors for your life-preserving drops

Now its essence ebbs from my pores


My soul’s direction is lost;  like pushing through the blizzard in a headwind

Each day’s purchase is toward a map that won’t lead me home

Struggle, failure, clawing and clenching teeth

Brow furrows but concentration is erased on Alzheimer’s cruel chalkboard


I drag the social chain;

Making sure others hear the clink each link makes

Some-days I skip; most days I plod forward a little

No one can help me; no one left a candle in the window


Who the hell am I; a slave to my regimen

Or am I victim of my own regime

Did the monster I created become self-aware

Did I not hide my flaws well enough


I paint my Carnivale mask with the color of everyman

Being careful to appeal to everyone; and no one is offended

My soapbox can no longer support my weight

And I fall down on top of my own principles skinning the knee of my hipocrisy


Just one more step towards the oasis of “Reborn”

Please God, not another mirage; not another visage of my own creation

Make my weary steps firm and bandage my feet

Give unto me a new map; a new direction





5 thoughts on “Life: Drudgery Or Delight?

    1. Thanks Katia,

      I wanted some one out there to understand the feeling of dragging a daily heavy weight and the effects on their life and circumstances. But……..I got to stop making women cry. It’s bad for my reputation. lol

    1. PXStevey, Welcome to my site. I hope you take the time to look over every nook and cranny and, if you like, leave a comment as well. Thanks for visiting.

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