Did I Put This Crushing Weight On Myself?

This my burden


Burden, oh burden



Burden, Oh Burden


A Poem by Chris


Big Burden, big burden why do you crush?

Turning my voice to a soft gentle hush.

Big burden, big burden why won’t you leave?

From around my neck you must now cleave.


Burden, oh burden where is my air?

Gone is my joy replaced with despair.

Burden, oh burden release your hold.

For this stone is heavy, dirty and cold.


Burden, my burden why did I choose?

To fall for your trick, to fall for your ruse.

Burden, my burden I’ve carried you far.

And I have grown used to your jagged scar.


This burden, this burden doesn’t relent.

It never gets tired or emotionally spent.

This burden, this burden likes to remind.

It whispers, it yells and never is kind.


Now burden, now burden I learned the truth.

Gone are the days of my hasty youth.

Now burden, now burden your secret’s laid bare.

For your weight is oppressive the more that I care.


Go burden, go burden a Saviour has died.

And He is caring of His precious bride.

Go burden, go burden I hear the Master’s call.

To let go of my yoke and now watch it fall.





10 thoughts on “Did I Put This Crushing Weight On Myself?

  1. Oh yes! Any kind of burden sometimes it’s the result of our own doing and to realize that is already a victory…I liked it.

  2. Katia,
    It can even hurt more to realize you put that burden there in the first place. Thanks again for supporting my work. You don’t know what that means to me.

    1. Marc,
      Thanks for the comment. I try to put a little of myself and bring to the forefront the images and experiences that we all can relate to.

      1. Thank you very much. I hope it spoke to you in some way. A poet wants to be relevant and heartfelt.

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