“Why Did You Show Up For Battle Without A Shield”?


“My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart” Psalm 7:10


This week I began to think upon the concept of faith and how it relates to me and my struggle.  Most theologians generally define “faith” as: a belief in something sight unseen.  John Maxwell states there are 3 kinds of faith that relate to the Christian experience. They are: Faith in our God, Faith in each other and Faith in ourselves. Some of the elements of faith that I have to rely on daily are: That Jesus is the Son of God and sits at the right hand of the Father. That Jesus died for our sins; paying the cost, so we can have eternal life. That God is able to save us from each other; and ourselves.  That he loves us and hears our cries(prayers).  After many years of ruining my life by trying to run it myself in my sinful, disobedient way, I finally put my faith in Jesus. As I now reflect back, I began to think of my faith like a heavy Roman shield. A strong, well made shield, one that is founded in belief in Jesus, has a good weight to it and is heavy to lift. It requires a good physical effort and is not easy to hoist up. It must be so,  because it has to withstand the onslaught of arrows, flaming or not,  that come to a believer daily. Some days I feel like I can’t lift my shield; like the burden is too much to bear. It is in those times when I take peace in the verse Psalm 7:10. God SAVES the upright in heart! I have faith He will do that, every time I call and without fail.

Thank you God for your promises. May my faith in you increase daily


My Shield Will I Lift Up


a poem by Chris



The money-changer’s hand comes to snatch my coin

But my shield will I lift up.

The flaming arrows seek to destroy

But my shield is God Most High.


A rock was placed to watch me stumble

But my shield I throw aloft.

I keep my heart faithful and humble

For my shield is free from rot.


The valley is dark and the path is narrow

And my shield is my defense.

Thieves they come to seek my marrow

But my shield is quite immense.


When one step further is one too much

My shield blocks the fray.

When to my chest my faith I clutch

my shield knows the way.


So onward and upward to battle I come

Bringing my shield to peril’s door

Having no fear of my enemy’s drum

I hoist the shield once more.



2 thoughts on ““Why Did You Show Up For Battle Without A Shield”?

  1. You spoke to my spirit. Once more with your words you were able to clearly show what faith does for us when we put it to work and put our own self on hold to let faith do its magic! Grazie, Chris.

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