My Exhilaration


Swami's, a great place to surf



My Exhilaration

a poem by Chris



The way the note squeezes from my hands

Pulling tension,  sliding down the strings.

Tactile feel of the rosewood fingerboard

And every tone in its place.


The entrusting of a child’s development.

The way my son’s smile seems to take up his whole  face.

His focus and concentration of new material learned

And every bone in his body is silly beyond reason.


The deep, rich blue of my wife’s eyes.

The sexy way her mind works.

Michelle’s  carved out niche  in a man’s workplace.

Her gentle words spoken to a rambunctious son.


The smell of the ocean at Point Loma

And the rhythmic  lapping of water on the shore.

How the still, calm sound of my reel  winds  at Deerfield

And the purity of the season’s first snowfall.


Precious time spent getting to know Jesus.

Combing the Book for God’s promises.

Watching the changes in me

And feeling the joy of a Saviour who loves me.


These things become my exhilaration

These become my truth

These are like a cup that never runs dry

These I will cherish all of my life.



2 thoughts on “My Exhilaration

  1. I do not know how I missed this poem!?
    One of my favorite.. !
    ” the sexy way her mind works” “watching the changes in me and feeling the joy of a Saviour who loves me”…and so on.

    1. Grazie Mille,
      I really felt like I was in the experience. “My Exhilaration” is a compilation of things I love and are truly grateful for . I am so glad you liked it. Your opinion means a lot to me.

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