Why Do I Hide This Broken Piece?

As I spent time with the great men of my church, and as we were talking together during the Men’s Bible Study, we all began to realize , you CAN’T surprise God.  He is never going to say “Wow, that was a particularly bad one” or ” I never thought you would do that”. God’s gentle spirit is always calling to us; asking in His still quiet voice, for all of us. He wants us not only to be cleansed from our sins, but to be right in our spirits and to protect us from ourselves. His commands are NOT impossible. He KNOWS what is right and what the solid path is for our lives. He WANTS your broken piece. If you are hiding part of yourself, or you can’t let go of a sin, I pray that you listen to the Shepherd’s call and lay it at His feet. You see, when God is in your life, He is always pruning, always removing, what is not right, not fruitful and what is not holy. I know how hard old injuries are to give up; and I also know the pain of carrying a heavy burden that was not mine to shoulder in the first place. Please receive God’s peace by asking for His forgiveness and lay the shard that the  God of your creation could see the whole time. You will be transformed.  I hope this poem ministers to someone and is a catalyst in someone’s life.


Is this your broken piece?

Why Do I Hide This broken Piece?

a poem by Chris T.

A  hidden piece that I keep out of sight

Like a present that I have just received and carelessly broke.

I turn my gift, as not to face it towards eyes that can see.

In the bottom of the trash I laid the shard of my shame.

Every night I rest my head on a pillow of apprehension.

Deep in waste I place the fragment hoping to stay concealed

And every morning that piece is deposited at my feet.

I can not run and my mask is transparent and not opaque.

Will they see my brokenness?

Will they forsake me and revoke my membership in their pack

Like wolves who suddenly cull a sick or hurt brother?

How long can I hide this discernible limp?

All the world’s microscopes and magnifiers are  focused on me.

My gift and my flesh are torn open.

The novel of my life, with its beautiful leather binding

Is missing a middle and an ending.

My window dressing is elaborate and beautiful.

I dress it with gold, silver and spangles.

But my shard still makes its way to the front of the pane.

Why won’t it leave and why can’t this rabbit disappear?

Is there a place where my broken piece will not be  noticed?

Is there an end to this spectacle , this charade?

I cry out “Please don’t notice my jagged bit”

But my secret wish is to be restored.

Lord, is this a work you are doing?

Can you possibly care about the gift that I have forsaken?

Is your glue strong enough to mend such an  old trauma?

Are you the one who keeps laying this remnant at my feet?

Reduce my shame and un-pry my stiff fingers.

Let the digits release its hold and lay my shard at your feet

As your peace, your relief, washes over me.

My sin, my stumbling block is now your glory.

9 thoughts on “Why Do I Hide This Broken Piece?

  1. If this ministers to you in any way, please leave a comment. When others hear of your struggle, they can relate and bring them closer to God. Thanks everyone.

    1. Trae, you are so kind to me and your comments are so uplifting. It is people like your self that I do this for. It is good to have a willing audience. Thank you for your time!

  2. It’s so hard not to lay that shard down then have second thoughts and run to pick it up again. For some reason, we all think we can make our repairs without others finding out. Sadly, that is usually when it IS a two person job and we sometimes break it into even more pieces, creating More work. As difficult as it is, it’s Always worth giving it to Jesus! Without that broken piece that we try to hide, God cannot make us whole. May we all learn to lay down our pride and let Jesus put us back together no matter how broken or shattered we are.

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