Which Is The Chosen Path?


Which Is The Chosen Path?

This week’s theme has definitely been the gifts that God has given me. For those who don’t know me very well,  most people would say,  my God-given talents are: Singing, Playing Guitar, Songwriting, Poetry and writing in general. In the 80’s,I was part of a ministry band that helped spread the Gospel, In the 90’s, my wife and I had a folk singing duo that spoke of Gods greatness. Since then, I haven’t done much with my gifts until recently. I walked away from the Lord for a while( a mistake I will never make again) and just plain got sick of it all and stopped doing everything for a while.  Now, with a new vim and vigor for the Lord, I began to think on the parable of the talents in Matthew 25: 14-30. “I just realized, that in that story, I am the servant who was afraid, dug in the ground and buried his master’s money”.  So, basically, I took the gifts the Lord gave me, said “I am too tired, afraid and weak to continue on”, and buried God’s gifts in the fruitless ground. Now, usually, God moves on and stops blessing an unwilling servant. I am VERY, VERY lucky He did not take away what wasn’t mine in the first place.  After asking God, and a lot of people who depended on me, for forgiveness, I am finally in a better place and willing to serve Him. Here is my dilemma right now; I clearly have two paths: #1 My musicianship.

#2 My writing.

What is weird, it seems to me, that I am equally talented in both areas; for as many people who say I am an amazing musician/songwriter; there is an equal crowd who say that my writings are just as gifted and touch people’s lives just as well. I know it is very hard to put equal effort in both areas( the old adage: “You can serve two masters”). I just can’t pick between the two. I love them both so much. I really just want to do the Lord’s will and when that is reveal that is what I will do. I am very curious though, as to what you guys think about this subject. What would you folks do if you were me? What is your belief in how to use all your talents? Do any of you see something in me that I might have missed? Am I really on two paths? Or, are both paths really one? Is there a way for God to use both? I know, I know a lot of questions. I am at a strange crossroads right now and would really appreciate your council. Let me know what you all think. Also, if my perception of my talents are skewed, them let me know that too. Thank you my friends! I look forward to what you all think.



The Great Plains Poet


Chris T.

2 thoughts on “Which Is The Chosen Path?

  1. I believe God gave you those gifts to serve and help others. You minister so well to the hearts and spirit of people. Keep praying and ask God to show you the way, I hope you can enjoy both and find a way to combine them. I sure love your writing.

    1. Yeah, you are so right. Everyone keeps saying to me: “Why do you have to choose” and ” God does give gifts to people to have them shelve them”. I will keep praying for guidance and wisdom because I sure enjoy both!

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