For All Of You; I’ve Always Loved


Our love is like gentle doves

Today is my wife’s 40th birthday. And, instead of focusing on the advancement of years, I wanted to write a poem about how much I cherish her. Michelle, my muse, my sanity and my greatest friend; you are a flickering light in a dark world. The joy of loving you knows no bounds and I’ve always said, ” I Am the luckiest guy in the world”. I have promised the Lord that I would treasure His gift and that is just what I’ll do ’til we meet in heaven. Sky, you are the color in my drab pallet.  My commitment to you has never changed. When things are blessed, read this poem. When things are rough, read it as well and place your gentle hand in my rough calloused paw. I will always love you,




For All Of You, I’ve  Always Loved


a poem by  Chris T.





All of you I love

You are my fair-skinned dove

Your azure eyes are the window to your soul

And I am awash in a sea of tranquil blue

For all of you; I’ve always loved


Nineteen years we’ve shared our dream

Ups, downs, but our smiles still gleam

My soul calls to yours from deep to deep

With a voice that’s sure and true

For all of you; I’ve always loved


God’s most beautiful mind He did create

For the union of our lives can only be fate

The way your tiny nose creases when you grin

And the sound of your gentle voice gives me calm

For all of you; I’ve always loved


Our rendition of  “Look at us” is divine

And in the car we still sing “The best of times”

I pray for nineteen more years of long drives

And a decade more of our cherished talks

For all of you; I’ve always loved


So, from love’s precipice I still call

Giving you guidance so you’ll never fall

And you can be certain of my  impassioned cry

If ever you get weary I’ll pick up your form

For all of you: I’ve always loved















2 thoughts on “For All Of You; I’ve Always Loved

    1. Thank you Katia. I wanted to write something for Michelle, or in you neck of the woods “Michela”, that totally encapsulated everything I feel about her. I really do cherish her and I am VERY thankful to the Lord for his gift of her. It was a hard write because I find it difficult to pen things for people who are close to you. Thanks for the support and the comments.

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