When We Blot Out The Sun


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I felt led to write a poem about consequences; particularly, the consequence of not taking care of what was given to us. This piece is specifically about the stewardship of the earth the Lord has blessed us with. We pollute what was freely handed us, we raze the fields and lay bare the rich soil and rip out the timber from an area that gives us 20 percent of the world’s oxygen.  I am no scientist, and definitely not a tree-hugger; but I can recognize when our appetites, instead of our thankfulness and commonsense, dictate our actions. God expects us to do what is right and be good stewards of the gifts he has imparted to his children. In 1 Peter 4:10 it says: “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace”. Even though my poem today speaks about the consequences of taking poor care of our planet, don’t forget God gives each of us, personally, gifts and talents as well. Every one of us has a talent. Yes, every one. My prayer this morning is that you use it for the glory of God; with the greatest respect to the giver of the talent in the first place.  Let us all experience the joy of God’s freely given gifts and not the stagnant, unfruitful way of a cold, unrepentant heart.  Enjoy the poem; and as usual, feel free to leave a comment,

The Great Plains Poet




When We Blot Out The Sun


a poem by Chris




I pray our children will forgive us

When we blot out the sun

Their laughter will fade and drift away

Like chasing a  feather which floats just out of reach

Gone will be the days of example and trust


The orchid’s stem will wither and fall

When we blot out the sun

No longer giving us the gift of its scent

Its sepal will diminish, discolor and bleach

Losing the radiance that God once gave


The ocean’s minute plankton will succumb to famine

When we blot out the sun

The sea’s great cycle will refuse to turn

Is now like a grindstone that has flattened

And the old bounty is reduced to crumbs falling from the table


Blue eyes will stain grey and brown eyes will cloud

When we blot out the sun

Brilliance begins to cease and blindness will take hold

We will not know our lover’s face

And family will become as strangers to us


Hope will be driven underground

When we blot out the sun

Cries will go out and fall on deaf ears

The needy will not be attended to

And not one blade of grass will erupt from its soil



2 thoughts on “When We Blot Out The Sun

  1. I dislike how southern Italy has little respect for their surroundings when it comes to nature. I wish I could carry a bag all the time and pick up the littering I sadly noticed around. Why can we be as neat as we are at home? The earth is our home too! Great poem, insightful!

    1. I am always amazed at the depths of uncaring for and the neglect of our planet goes. Thanks for you comment. It is always appreciated by a fine upstanding young lady like yourself.

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