Mr. Armstrong Can’t Toot My Horn

Sometimes when the Lord convicts he does so completely. The last couple of weeks the Lord has been working on my humility, or sometimes, lack of it. I have repented and I feel I  am on a better, more modest path. In dealing with myself, I wanted to write a piece about the futility of my braggadocio. I hope it speaks to someone who needs to put down their shiny banner and take up God’s humble spirit. Here is my poem. Enjoy


And The Horn Blows Once More

a poem by Chris T.



I fill my lungs with air to toot my horn

Blow and inhale in my bravado

Calling forth what once was born

Like some aging latin desperado

And the horn blows once more


The plumage is brilliant and full of color

For my palate never lacks skill

As beautiful as a crisp new dollar

Hoping to give someone a thrill

And the horn blows once more


Do not try to play my tune

For the nuance you will lack

One cannot outshine the moon

Or make its brilliance slack

And the horn blows once more


I will not wait for praise in earnest

For my patience treads on thin ice

My pomposity burns as a furnace

With an arrogance not so nice

And the horn blows once more


Armstrong’s cheeks were not as full

For mine emits that crowing sound

My trumpet stops the charging bull

Silencing the howling hound

And the horn blows once more


For no one can hear the voice of friends

Or the counsel of wise men

Never knowing how far grace extends

For the tune has outplayed the pen

And the horn blows once more



4 thoughts on “Mr. Armstrong Can’t Toot My Horn

  1. ” Never knowing how far grace extends”.
    I think it takes humility to know and accept our short coming.
    It takes humility to see it and be willing to let God mold us…Bravo.

    1. I am trying to be transformed “By the renewing of our minds”. I want to give God all of me. It’s the only way to live!

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