Where Have You Been My Ancient Coin




Image taken from roman-emperors.org


One of my hobbies is collecting coins.  I have a small assembly of ancient and U.S. coins that keep my attention.  I love to imagine where the coins have been, whose hands they have touched and what did they buy? The poem represented here is of my oldest coin from circa 305 AD to 311 AD and is over 1700 years old. Can you fathom the events in history this coin could have been a part of.  Here is my poem of my favorite coin.

As you read it, let the images of warriors, senators and the “republic” flood your mind and spark a thirst for history as it did for me.

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The Great Plains Poet


Where Have You Been My Ancient Coin

a poem by Chris T.



Oh where have you been my ancient coin

I wonder what aged hands have you passed through

Were you the possession of a senator

Or payment to finance the latest coup


Did you pay for a plebeians taxes

Or, did you secure a tribune’s vote

Maybe you purchased a patrician’s tunic

Or,  been used to deliver a note


Your Roman bronze was struck by hand

With the  face of Galerius embossing the denomination

The force of your hammering  has left you oval in shape

With the word “Imperator” showing  your deification


Has my coin traveled to Persia

The site of the emperor’s great feat

Or, did you go no farther

Than the bath’s soothing heat


Grain, wine or lamp oil would make a smart choice

Maybe your purchase was more carnal in nature

Did my coin secure an artist for a fresco

Or are you the  gathered earnings of a business venture


Were you wagered on a gladiator

Or in a gambling hall

Were you victorious that day

Or did your champion fall


You were forged in the province of Antioch

Along side the many Roman roads

Did you enter Ephesus,Phillipi or Corinth

And did you enter the gates of Rome


Did you buy a gladius

A soldier’s great sword

Or did you provide payment

To feed the Roman horde


Many images flood my mind

Of my ancient coin of old

If only this bronze piece could speak

And its story would be told.





2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been My Ancient Coin

  1. It made me dream and travel in history…etc..it was like walking in the colosseo or arco di trionfo, o il foro romano…..

    1. I really focussed heavily on the imagery in this one. I knew this would strike a chord with someone who had been there or is knowledgeable about the ancient world. I am glad it took you to a wonderful place.

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