Pens Dipped In The Ink Of My Own Blood

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Sometimes, doing right, doing good, brings disaster and mayhem. I know this because I have always struggled with the attacks,slander and just plain old things going wrong that seem to happen while serving the Lord. I find it funny that when we try to be good fathers, our children do something that really angers us to no end. When God is working on our stewardship with His money, that’s when the flat-screen TV’s go on sale. You just start to get your life  back together with the Lord, then, bang, the furnace goes out in the dead of winter; or, crunch, your transmission falls out of the bottom of your car; or , ouch, you just get laid off from work. Why do these things keep coming? Aren’t we serving a powerful God? Doesn’t He love me and want good things for my life? YES, He does! But, you know what He wants us all to have just a little more than anything else: Faith and deeds. In James 2:26 it says: “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead”.  Ooo, that sounds important.  Is God saying that it is not enough for us just to say that we have faith? Yep, He sure is. Now, as a living and breathing person, I don’t want anything dead attached to me. So, spiritually I should have the same attitude.I mean why build a beautiful palace on a crumbling foundation? It just doesn’t work. I challenge all of us to walk the kind of walk that gives everything of ourselves. My old pastor used to say “Give til it hurts”.  I have never known anyone who gave unselfishly who wasn’t blessed of the Lord. “God loves a cheerful giver”. Also, when you are taking your “spiritual temperature” or taking stock of your walk with Jesus, if the whole world seems to be coming against you, then  you know you are serving the Lord and on the right path. Persecution is going to come; especially to Christians. People who sin hate the name of Jesus. It happened to the apostles; it will happen to you as well to some degree. Heck, in Acts 5:40-41, the Sanhedrin had the apostles whipped just for speaking in the name of Jesus. But, instead of hanging their heads low, the apostles ran out of there rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering in the name of Jesus. Wow, what an attitude to have. I am not sure I could do that but I sure aspire to.  My hope is that this quick poem  speaks to you and the Lord uses it to either boost up your faith and deeds or, shows you an area to work on; just like He is showing me this week.

Enjoy the poem and let it speak to you


The Great Plains Poet



Pens Dipped In The Ink Of My Own Blood

a poem by Chris T.



When the cruel pens have been dipped in the ink well of my own blood

And all the false witnesses have been brought forth.

That’s when the smile grows ever brighter

The eyes become a light by which men seek.


If the world’s wise men have gathered together to sign my death warrant

And a large hooded man cloaked in worldly wisdom walks down my hall.

That’s when I begin to count the golden bricks in heaven.

For I am a stranger in this world who can’t wait to come home.


Worldly possessions that I have worked for so hard

Begin to all breakdown one by one

And last years fashion has to last at least two more years

That’s when I know I am cloaked in His righteousness.


When the steps I take are met by all means of resistance

And my feet are swollen and weary

That’s when the blisters become calloused

For each obstacle tells another story about you.


If those I have fed with my own hand start to gnaw on my fingers

And the anger directed at me comes from my servant’s heart

Then I know the path I am on has the Lord’s direction

It breathes new life into a collapsed lung and makes the air a sweet perfume.


When Ramen noodles look like a Thanksgiving cornucopia

And knock-off macaroni and cheese are now my main diet

Then I will kneel down before God Most High and give thanks

While taking my last two cans of beans to the food bank


Oh Lord, let them come, those trials, those tribulations

For they don’t know you and your mighty ways

Oh Lord, please forgive my assailants

For they steal, lie, cheat and pillage out of a need to know you.






2 thoughts on “Pens Dipped In The Ink Of My Own Blood

    1. Thanks Sherry, I try very hard to put ideas in a way that people can relate with and hopefully it will spark a change.

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