Can I Carry You My Friend?








Boy, can we totally wreck and destroy our lives when we do things in our own power.  I remember one sad day I was sitting on my couch thinking about  my life, about my family and how everything got so messed up. I mean, I was trying for a double portion of blessings and instead I sowed a triple heaping of cursings.  How can all of this go so wrong so quickly? How did all this hard work turn suddenly to dust? Then, the Lord spoke clearly to me; you were doing it YOUR way not My Way. You see, God’s plan is perfect. We can’t circumvent it, alter it, make adjustments to it or improve upon His perfection. We just need to obey him.  The Almighty God loves you and I so much, that he has a plan for each one of us that is perfect, filled with many blessings and is not that hard to figure out as well.

Have you ever gotten your tire stuck in some mud. Most of us just gun the engine as we listen to the whine of rubber being erased slowly; while the wheel spins faster and faster getting us more stuck. After a while, our fervent hammering of the accelerator, produces such a deep burying of that wheel, we are just plain stranded where we are.  This is how things happen when we do things in our own power. It always produces a loss of direction, a loss of communication and a deadly foundation of disobedience in our walk with God. Don’t bury that tire any further. Accept it: we are human and can’t fix any of our problems; that’s why Jesus had to die for us. After a while of honest reflection with God, I got tired of being a petulant, disobedient know-it-all and got down on my knees asking for God’s forgiveness and direction.  So, how do we get His direction for our lives? It is so simple. No, really it is. Here is a bible verse that says it all: 2 Chronicles 7:14 “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Here is the first step: humble yourself. You need to admit that you don’t have all the answers; because, believe me, you don’t. Second step: PRAY and SEEK God’s face. You have to want to find God’s path for your life and it starts with a prayerful heart that seeks God’s will. Last step: turn away from your sin, let’s call it what it is, sin, and make a conscious effort to leave your wicked ways behind you and obey His perfect will for your life. The second I did these 3 things, my life was on a new path, blessed of the Lord, filled with a sustainable energy and an assurance that God was in control and not me. If this is where you are right now in you life, stop where you are, don’t wait for tomorrow, or the kids to quiet down, but hit your knees, humble yourself, pray and seek God’s face, ask for forgiveness and turn away from your sin. God can’t wait to ” hear from heaven, forgive your sins and heal your land”.

I wrote this poem with the intentional imagery of God suddenly coming along side you to offer his help and take your heavy burden from you. He will not overpower you. His gentle question to you is: “Can I carry you my friend?” How will your respond today?


The Great Plains Poet



Can I Carry You My Friend?

a poem by Chris T.



Can I carry you my friend?

Your body is so weary, in need of a lift

May I walk along side you?

And be your timely gift


Will you share with me your troubles?

Open your mouth and let it cry out

Will you hold my faithful hand

And let me quench your drought?


Dear one, stop using your feeble power

Quit now your unsure steps

I call to my Cara Mia

Please answer my behest


Release from your grasp your knowledge, your truth

Give up your own work; an effort in weakness

Remember the cross and a debt you could not pay

For I sent my Son; the lamb, Jesus


Have you noticed the light I have placed on this path?

I have opened your eyes to truth in my Spirit

Giving me all your trust

You just need to hear it


Child, confess to me now

Sin weighs your heart down

Be liberated by your admission

And take up your crown


And when your life is jumbled

And seems there’s no end

Remember these gentle words

“Can I carry you my friend”?








2 thoughts on “Can I Carry You My Friend?

  1. Powerful reminder!!! To reflect on it every day before we make our choices..Grazie amico mio, Dio ti benedica sempre.

    1. It is so hard to fight our nature and do things on our own and in our own strength. But my God has a plan for you and me and everyone who calls upon His glorious name.

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