My Deliverer

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Friends and family all over the world; I am so sorry. It has been a long time since I wrote anything new and a lot of you have been begging me to start-up again. So, please forgive me.

Any way you want to slice this delicious pie we call life, it is a hard, grinding, arduous effort. Yesterday I was out with my family; out in the beauty of God’s creation, recognizing all the He had saved(delivered) me from. Just a few things came to mind like: commercialism, materialism, impurity, selfishness and greed. I used to strive, at the expense of everything else in my life, to be the “Rock Star”. God loaned me the talents of Singing, Guitar and Songwriting. I tried everything I knew to usurp those gifts and make use of them for personal gain and greed. But, like all disobedience, the Lord didn’t allow that to happen and protected me from myself. I feverishly tried to work out my path in life on my own terms and my own timing. I walked away from the Lord for a season; and it hurt and scrambled up my life. I knew better. I have always felt the Lord’s calling on my life and His desire for me to serve Him. Also, during my “Me-Time”, I still heard His still, small voice calling me back to Him. Sometimes, God uses these times of weakness to make a great change, or strengthen a life, or foundation, even further. This was one of those times. So, after I dashed my ship on the rocks and cried out to God to save me, he STILL answered my call. You see, it was  the most perfect time to learn of Him. I was completely broken. Even though it hurt bad, Jesus took my broken pieces and turned them to dust; further annihilating any pride or bad foundation that was left over. Then, a great time of learning, healing and sitting at Jesus’ feet began. What a beautiful time that was. What an exhilarating message God sent to me. How lovely the Living Lord cradled and instructed me. You see to live, I had to die. Die to myself. Die to my dreams and ambitions. Jesus had to let me totally frustrate myself until I was ready to listen. And I did. I have never been so happy, so complete, so sure of my path, so sure of the source of my strength. My family is more healthy, my friends more cared for and my humbleness more sincere. Today, I only care about what is God’s will for every part of my life. I try to pray without ceasing throughout my day(1 Thessalonians 5:17). I have “Together Time” with the Lord daily and most of all: I take the focus off of me and serve all that surround my life. God loves servants(John 12:26). He wants us to follow His commands and live a life worthy of His calling. If you think you can do it any other way……you can’t. I know, I tried it all. I used to think God’s commands and directives were stiff,cruel and just plain too daunting to be any fun; but I learned of God’s love in those commands. Here is something to chew on: God knows we can’t do it ourselves. He never intended us to. God sent His Son Jesus to pay the cost of our sin and show us a more excellent way. So, if you are trying to be a better father in your own power, it WILL fail. If you are trying to achieve peace of mind on your own, you will bring chaos. Brothers and Sisters, if your find yourself drifting on the ocean with a boat with no rudder, get on your knees, cry out to God, ask for forgiveness, find a church who teaches the bible and mentors all walks of people and live a more excellent way(Proverbs 12:26 KJV).  Jesus is the Deliverer of our souls and can give direction to a ship with no rudder. 2 Samuel 22:2

God bless you all

The Great Plains Poet

My Deliverer

by Chris T.

My deliverer is not a pre-packaged  meal

He is not dead like cold hard steel

The efforts He makes are not in vain

And His Son takes away heartache, hurt and pain

If I cry out in my time of need

His response is swift and full of speed

When I stub my toe His love is pure

And there is no disease He can not cure

When my voice arises, His angels join in song

Though there are many, He hears it amidst the throng

And among millions, He still makes time for me

Taking away sin and setting me free

Even in darkness, He gives me hope

Making my walk passable so I can cope

And when I am distant and pulling away

His gentle call I hear all the day

My deliverer can’t be put in a box

For when I am lost and dashed on the rocks

The Founder of heaven and earth will arrive

For His salvation will keep me alive

5 thoughts on “My Deliverer

    1. Katia, thank you for all the support these last months. I am grateful to the Lord for the borrowing of this gift and It really touches me to know that God might change a life through something I was associated with. Praise God to whom all blessings flow.

  1. I really enjoyed reading this profound message. Your faith is such an inspiration and it sounds to me like you have come a long way.

    I look forward to hearing more.

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