I Just Don’t Want To Get Up Today

I have often spoke of the joys and thrills of life and it’s drudgery as well. Let’s face it, if you live in a westernized society, you chase the dream, reach for the brass ring or plod along doing all we can to succeed or be impressive in some way. Hey, us Americans are built that way. If it isn’t the coolest, newest, most impressive, head turning, life risking and self-serving, then we usually don’t want anything to do with it. That kind of striving takes its toll on us all eventually and we come to a point where it is enough. Most of us, at some time, will have a morning like this; where we don’t even want to get out of bed.  I know most of all how life can be so darn draining sometimes. I have a few serious health conditions that constantly try to take my life, embarrass me and sift away every coin my wife and I have saved. There are days I just don’t have the strength to go another step. It is in this moment that I have a critical choice to make. I could choose to lay in bed pull the covers over my head and play some soft music while I languish in my weariness , or; I could cry out to the renewer of my strength; Jesus Christ.  Let’s read what God promises us. Psalm 28:8 “The Lord is the strength of His people, a fortress of salvation for His anointed one. ” Isn’t that just what I need when I am this weary and I can’t take another fiery dart? His word says: ” a fortress of salvation” .  Guys, what is it we need most of all when we are too tired and can’t take it any more…….salvation . God not only promises salvation for his people but he will be my strength and a fortress for me as well. Also, I want you to think about what happens when we go about our days outside of the protection of  our comfort place. We head off to the bank, grab some coffee with friends, talk to our children’s teacher and interact with our co-workers. These are just a smattering of moments we can have in any given day. Be available to God. You sometimes don’t even realize the life you might be ministering to out there in the real world. Someone may be hungry, sad, needy, hurting or lost. The bible says to pray without ceasing(1 Thessalonians 5:17) and for me that means to be in the spirit and available to be used by God.  So, if today is hard or you might be too sad or too weary, cry out to the Lord and Get behind the Lord’s fortress with walls so high even Troy would be jealous. God is there for you. He is available and ready to help; anyplace, anytime, anywhere. The almighty is full service and is not lacking in amenities. You never know, there could be a man drifting in your road today.

Enjoy the Poem  and as always, leave a comment if you like,

The Great Plains Poet

I Just Don’t Want To Get Up Today

a poem by Chris T.

I am weary beyond my capacity for recovery

The feeling of marrow pushing through bone; through muscle and skin

A morning I wish would never happen or just go away

I Just don’t want to get up today

From my pain and sorrow I count the steps that I know this day will take

Too many to travel and too many to escape

The covers too heavy to join the fray

I just don’t want to get up today

The day starts off with an ache in my tooth

And the old back injury has flared again

Man, this feeling I can not shake

I just didn’t want to get up today

I speed down the street to head off to work

Just realized I forgot to take my medicine and can’t turn back now

Will I end this day still sane

Why did I even get up today

Someone’s in the road; I swerve and barely miss

I stop the car and find out what’s wrong

Oh, thank you Jesus this man is Ok

Now, I can assure you I am awake today

Now I listen and listen to this broken man

His wife has just died and the children have left his home

So I knelt down on the road and we began to pray

Jesus, oh Jesus, I’m glad I woke up today.

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