A Champion Of The Sick

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The bible in Matthew 10:39 says: “Who ever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake shall find it”. What are we talking about here, jumping off a bridge or something equally dramatic. No, Jesus is talking about laying down your plan for your life and giving that over to Jesus; in other words, following Christ in His way.

In today’s me and mine society, we rarely see a servant anymore. It seems to be always about our lives, our things and our plans. The servant of God lays those things down in pursuit of a more spirit filled walk and a more excellent way.  A servant esteems others above themselves (Philippians 2:3 NKJV) and is always actively looking for ways to help others.  The Lord asks us to be in the world but not of it. I believe this applies to the way we live our lives. The world steps on the necks of the weak and ill to cut in line at Best Buy to purchase an improvement to its home theater system. The world changes the channel quickly on the “starving children” commercial to get to the infomercial that is selling  a gadget that will speedily jam fattening foods down it’s gullet; making our gluttony ever-expanding and complete. Ah, but don’t worry, we are not lost; for God sent us an example to follow: Jesus.

Let us not forget that Jesus humbled himself and became a man to live a blameless life and die for all our sins(Philippians 2:8). Guess what items didn’t exist 2000 years ago: cars, motorcycles,planes, trains, bicycles or scooters. That’s right, Jesus hoofed it everywhere; and boy, that must have been tiring. There are many accounts of Jesus rising early, going to bed late, speaking to thousands, healing all who would believe, calming storms, performing miracles and walking everywhere. That is a pretty busy schedule by any measuring stick. Yet, Jesus still had the energy, desire and time to serve. Let me put it to you another way: The Greatest of all, the Lord who measured the heavens, filled the oceans with fish and made each and every one of us, removed his loin covering and began to wash His disciples feet. The King of Kings knelt down, humbled himself even more and washed the dusty feet of men, of which some still didn’t believe, and showed us all how to serve in love (John 13:4-8).

I know that weariness can get us all down and ineffective from time to time but that did stop our Great Example; Jesus. Even while He was dying on the cross, He still had time to minister to the thief next to Him. Wow, instead of completely focusing on his own suffering, He spoke kindness to the guy hanging on the cross right next to him(Luke 23:42-43). I figure if servitude is modeled by my God and Lord, then it is absolutely required of me as well. Yes, there will be trials. Yes, it might hurt in some way. Yes, you will be rewarded. The bible says “It will be  good for the master to find the servant doing so when He returns.”(Matthew 24:46)

I was inspired to  write  on this subject of sacrifice and servant hood because of a dear friend of mine. This lady truly has “laid her life down”. She left her own country to take care of her very sick mother; sacrificing her opportunity to see her grown children more often. She left her home, career, a church and body of believers who supported her, her house and most of her possessions; to live in a country where there are no spirit filled churches to help her. She faithfully rises every morning to take care of her mother’s medical needs prayerfully hoping to see her condition turn around. I know she would hate that I would mention her because she is a very humble God-fearing woman; and I will respect that. None of my friends know of her with the exception of my lovely wife who helps me pray for her from time to time. This was not written to puff her up but to show others  an example of someone who obeys the Lord’s commands and is a testament to how a person’s life can be changed just by serving. She does not regret her decision for she knows the Lord’s call. Her great testimony gives me hope that someday I might have the courage to serve so deeply.

So, if you find yourself stuck in a closed in, selfish world, ask for God’s forgiveness and follow Jesus’ example of servitude. It will change your life and change the world!

God bless you my special friend.

You know who you are.

This poem is dedicated to people just like you : A champion of the sick.

Enjoy the poem, and as always, feel free to comment,

The Great Plains Poet

A Champion Of The Sick

by Chris T.

When you feel led to abandon your life

Putting aside hopes, dreams and wants

And fellowship becomes the account of which savings are drawn

Being willing to be some one else’s pawn

If you can’t watch another suffer at all

When seeing the pain of a person isn’t an option

And if making a sacrifice puts you in the thick

Then you are a champion of the sick

Your caring hands have wiped every tear

Your calming spirit still rises up to offer hope

And your fervent prayers are carried up quick

Because you are a champion of the sick

Others, they mock your sacrifice;

they are deaf to the call

But you meet their needs swift on angel’s wings

Gently catching those who’d fall

Though not in your power

For you draw strength from above

‘Cause making it happen is your greatest trick

Making you a champion of the sick

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