My Music Unto Thee

I was once asked by a friend “what is it  like to be a musician? ” I thought long and hard about that question. I couldn’t answer it right away. After a couple of weeks I got back to my friend and told him this: When God made me, he wove the thread of music throughout my soul. Everywhere I go, I hear music; at the grocery store, at work, in my head, and in my heart. I can’t escape it; and I am miserable without it. God’s song is always around and about me. I can remember my friend’s expression when I revealed the answer to his question. His face was one of confusion, or like a mathematician who couldn’t remember the solution to a problem he once knew by heart. I was not surprised by his reaction. All my life, people haven’t “got it” when I spoke from my heart about my dedication to the Lord’s music. If it is not given unto you, you will have a hard time understanding the dedication to writing and delivering the Lord’s songs. There are times when God will wake you up at 2am to share a theme or line or progression. There are times when your life is very hard and you cry out to God and He tells you to share that feeling with others. There are moments when the Lord’s joy is so great you fall on your knees in your practice room and then put that emanation to pen. I can remember so many places in my life where I flat-out just didn’t know what or how to pray. In those times, I have just grabbed my guitar and started worshiping Him and suddenly the prayer just fell out. In the town I live in, there is a great Christian radio station. In one of their station commercials, they have listeners record their thoughts on how Christian radio has impacted their life. So, this nice lady starts to talk about how it seems to lift up her spirit while in her home. She speaks about standing in a room in her house as she raises her hands and starts to lift her voice and worship. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!,she obviously gets it. I am so fortunate that the Lord has blessed me with a couple of talents; writing, singing and playing guitar. I thank God more each day for His donation of His gifts. One man, a while ago, used to say ” Talent on loan from God”. Now, no matter what you think of that guy, that is an absolutely, rock solid, Godly principal. God loaned me those talents and I will serve, obey and treasure every moment that I spend with the Lord singing His praises. If you have something the Lord has graciously given you, first, thank Him, then, share it. Take it to the mountain tops and in the dark valleys as well. God does not give gifts to people to sit on a shelf and collect dust. Maybe you have left God’s gift under the bed too long. If you have, ask Him for forgiveness and pray that God will make you faithful to be used by Him again. God’s music has meant so much to me. I always enjoy it the most when it has touched others.I feel that is what my gift is meant for; serving God’s call by point others back to Christ and His gentle mercy. So, to answer my friends question from so long ago once again: ” My soul aches for His call and His tune on my heart” . Here is a verse to lift you up: Psalm 89: 1 “I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever, with my mouth, I will make known your faithfulness to all the nations”.

I am so thankful to all of you who follow this blog and provide inspiration and feedback so I might also sing of the Lord’s mercies forever.

Please enjoy the poem and, as always, feel free to comment.

The Great Plains Poet

My Music Unto Thee 

a poem by Chris T.

Your music you have given

To an undeserving hand

To an unfruitful mind

But your gift of grace has written the notes on my heart

In my darkest place your tune is the light

The beacon that guides my ship to shore

I hear your soft lyric as a son who knows his father’s voice

  And your song breathes life into breathless lungs

And when my heart is hard

You stroke the strings with virtuostic love

Calling me now, calling me then and calling me to forever

I cannot hide, I cannot run and my sin is forever forgiven

In the early morning I wait for you

To make my hands come alive

To make my voice cry out

And when nothing comes out; you are my comfort

When the pain becomes too much

A song of grace and peace reaches my lips

For you love your servant, your minstrel

I pray to draw close; and sing to feel your Spirit.

 And when others are near

I sing all the louder

Not to proclaim me; but to sing about a Savior

A powerful  Lord who has borrowed His great gift unto me

When the unbeliever is lost, may I sing

When the faithful are down, may I sing

When there isn’t a soul around, may I sing

For you are always faithful and blessings you bring.

2 thoughts on “My Music Unto Thee

  1. …along with the gift of humility and uplifter of spirit, God has blessed you so, amico mio e fratello in Gesu’.

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