Journey With The Lord

I have always loved to walk. I don’t know why; but it has been that way since I was very young. The silence and the rhythm of my movement seems to keep me calm and clear my head. In this new healthy lifestyle I have been on, I had forgotten, for a while, how much I loved to walk. When I was in college I once walked from my dad’s house in south Tempe and hours later found myself in North Phoenix. I was so far from where I started I had to call my dad and tell him what the street signs said because I was so utterly lost. I was amazed I traveled so far and so quickly. If we are focused on God’s will, we will be astounded how far we will have come and the time will seem so quick. Our lives are lived at such a frenetic pace today. We have our children in so many programs, we are involved in so many areas that we often forget to just enjoy time with the Lord. I used to be such a busy body and I often had trouble just slowing down for a few moments.  One day, I realized, life isn’t about the attainment of goals, achievements, money and materialism.  Having nice things are…..nice; but you can’t take them with you when you die. Do you know what you can? ………..your relationship with the Lord. Here is a simple fact. We were created in God’s image(Genesis 1:27). So, we are His creations. As His creations we are to bring glory to Him(John 17:1-5). If Jesus, our greatest example of how to live our lives, found it important to glorify the Father, then guess what, we are to do that as well. Nothing is more sweet that a personal relationship with Jesus. I have tried everything to fill that void in my life; and after many years of falling down, finally I now enjoy the peace of talking with a Living Savior who loved me first.  If you feel frazzled and hope seems to be a fleeting memory, consider slowing down and spending a lot more time with the Lord in prayer.  You will be rewarded with the peace of knowing a God that can’t wait to talk with you about your day. I have never heard anyone say to me “I sure wish I wouldn’t have spent all that time with the Lord” . You know why? Peace is addicting. People have been trying to get it for thousands of years; but there is only one kind that satisfies: God’s perfect peace. And, that only comes from spending time alone with Him.  Make it a point this week to slow down and journey with the Lord awhile.  Here is a verse I love to meditate on while I am walking and talking with Jesus: Psalm 143:8 “Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, For in You do I trust; Cause me to know the way in which I should walk, For I lift up my soul to You.” 

Enjoy the poem about being thankful for God’s creation and spending time with Him in the cool of the morning.

God bless you all and please strive to spend more time with your Savior,

The Great Plains Poet, a creation of the Holy God

A  Journey With The Lord

By Chris T.

Fresh sprinkle of morning rain

Early I rise to explore

Smell of water,vapor in the air

The feel of God’s blessing on my skin

My feet beat the path

All in rhythm, all in time

Passing houses, trees and plants

I let my Lord choose my course

A still, soothing silence grips my town

As it still sleeps and it still slumbers

Carrying my body just one more block

Gentle winds sway the maple’s branch to and fro

My mind is clear, my heart is content

Walking my route, talking with my God

And I am not one to miss the gift

Of creations splendor and the one who made it

Puffs of breath escape my lungs

each one having completed it’s job

To gather in the portion I need

Relying on faith in someone greater than myself

I round the corner towards my favorite park

So many children’s cries  still echo from yesterday’s play

I am thankful for God’s continuation of life

And the changes each parent faces

Hydrangea, tulip and pine scents the air

Wondering if my prayers have the same fragrance in heaven

Smile gets wider knowing they are heard and received

Legs still churn, and progress is still made

Home stretch is now seen and now cars start to amass

Are there other people sharing their morning with the  Lord

If only they could have traveled this small journey with me

They would have seen beauty, creation and hope

And known the peace that comes from a journey with the Lord

3 thoughts on “Journey With The Lord

  1. I used to get up early and go for walks in the beauty of Minnesota’s nature. It was the best time of meditation and prayer. “… peace that comes from a journey with the Lord”. Bellissimo!
    Keep up your healthy lifestyle.

  2. Reblogged this on The Great Plains Poet and commented:

    This is an older post but I felt it was an excellent time to share this as the summer starts to wind down and in a few weeks the Lord will begin to change the season again. The journey He has one can be fulfilling, or you can let it be imbued with strife and misery. It really is your own choice. Bad things WILL come, boy do I know this first hand, but if you learn to draw closer to the Lord in those times, you will find peace, strength, salvation and most of all: a friend closer than a brother. Please take the time to read, comment, share, like here and on Facebook, and most of all, tell others what you read here today. God bless you all.

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