4 Pork Chop Dinners

One of my mighty hunters

 A while back, my wife used to travel a lot for her job. One of the ways she used to make it easy for me while she was gone, was , making some meals for me ahead of time. She would cook a large batch of some delicious food, let it cool down and portion that food out into plastic containers. That way when I got home from work, I could just pop one of those “packages of love” in the microwave and pow, I would be set. Now, let me also tell you about two fuzzy marauders that  live in our house as well called: Caesar and Augustus(Gus). They are two beautiful Siberian Huskies just full of energy, love and a double portion of naughtiness. Siberians love to hunt down food of any kind: unattended plates of meat, spaghetti, cheeseburgers(that story will come later on, I promise), the neighbor’s cat and anything else their little palates might fancy. So, one day, to prepare for one of my wife’s business trips, she heads to the store. She pushes her rusty cart, you know the one with the wobbly wheel, and starts to gather all the accoutrements for a fantastic meal to portion for me for the coming week. After getting all her ingredients home and in the kitchen, she begins to cook the meal. I am in pure delight because I see my talented, beautiful and very thoughtful wife, and yes, I am sucking up here, starting to cook smothered pork chops. Yum, I have just died and gone to heaven.  Finally, she is done. It was quite a joy to be in any room in my house and smell that aroma permeating every square inch of our home. Again, yum! Now, she is finished. Well, you just don’t stick hot food in a plastic container and put it right in the fridge, it has to cool down or  bacteria will grow and get you really sick. My wife takes each pork chop and places all four of them in their respective plastic containers with the lids off and pushed way to the back of the countertop; allowing them to cool and be sealed, and then placed into our fridge to be enjoyed by a grateful husband. Now, the next part, I am a little fuzzy on the details, but I think it goes like this. After all that hard work , Michelle takes a little break, and I mean little, she was gone for 5 minutes.  In her absence, the sneakiest one of my huskies, Caesar, crouches down, slows down his heartbeat, silently walks on his furry paws with great care, jumps up on the counter and devours all four pork chop dinners. Total bummer. I don’t even know how that dog fit all that meat in his little stomach. One plan sabotaged by a furry marauder with an insatiable desire for meat.

As I was thinking about this story from a while ago, it reminded me of how we are so driven by our wants and desires. Sometimes, if we allow it, they can rule over us and take the place of our God in our lives. Not good. You know what? We have a very good God who loves us so much and gives to us all kinds of blessings; and so generously as well. He gives us wisdom when we need it(James 1:5). He provides for all our needs(Psalm 111:4-5); and most of all, he saves us from ourselves(Romans 5:8). I know sometimes a particular sin can get a hold of us. It can seem that it will never let go and we can’t overcome it. Guess what? You can’t. But, God can give you the strength you need; for he has broken the law of sin in your life by his death on the cross. In the book of Romans chapter six, there is an entire passage of how we used to be slaves to our sin and desires but, because of Christ’s work on the cross, you are no longer slaves to that sin or the law of sin, but live in God’s grace, if you will die to yourself, actively turn from your sin and put your faith in Jesus. Wow, what a wonderful truth. Hey, Great Plains Poet. Do you mean I can be delivered from drugs, alcohol, sexual sin, gluttony, being physically or verbally abusive, lying,stealing or any other sin I struggle with? Yes! God’s power is all-encompassing and complete. If you ask for help,ask for the Lord’s forgiveness and turn from your sin, you are no longer a slave to it. Jesus’s death on the cross broke that for you. Some of us may struggle a little more than others. We dug ourselves a huge hole and it might look hopeless. Let me give you some advice to help you overcome that “thorn” that just won’t go away. First, if you don’t know Jesus as you Lord and personal savior, immediately, drop to your knees, no seriously, kneel down and cry out this prayer: “Jesus, I have done things my own way and have really messed things up. I want the peace that comes from knowing an all-powerful God that loves me so much. I believe that your Son Jesus died for my sins. Please forgive me and show me how to live for you now. I need you to deliver me from this “thorn”, and teach me how to follow you for the rest of my life, amen. ” Christ will come into your life and give you the power to overcome anything that this world will through at you. I know, he did that very thing for me.  Also, open your phone book and start to look for a church that teaches the inerrant word of god(very important. Sad to say that not all churches do this anymore. But the Word of God is so important to our christian walk). I recommend finding a Calvary Chapel in your area. A great church with people who love the Lord and still teach the inerrant word of God. There are thousands of Calvary’s all over the world. Find a pastor and ask for prayer. Get into a bible study and attend regularly. Pray that the Lord brings along side you a mentor; someone who will have your back, be a sounding board and pray for you through the good and the bad times.  If you truly deny yourself, your life will be forever changed. God loves us so much and can’t wait to have you come back to him.  Let me leave you with a powerful verse in Romans Chapter Six. Romans 6:22 “But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves to God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life.”

Please enjoy the poem below, feel free to comment or subscribe and as always, please turn to God and enjoy a peace that comes from a powerful Lord who loves us so much.

The Great Plains Poet, a sinner, a overcomer and saved by grace.

 4 Pork Chop Dinners

by Chris T.

When a man is  given over to the twinkle in his eye

And desire burns with lust

Then focus is shifted to the next great buy

And his character begins to bust

If a person starts to scratch every itch

And he wanders from the shepherd’s flock

Then integrity’s boat starts to pitch

Dashing it upon gluttony’s rock

For it leads to destruction when we live by our gut

And we chase after every whim and want

Like a rusty blade that imparts a deep cut

Which leave painful memories that haunt

When that feeling starts to well up

And you think that you might explode

Turn to the Lord and drink from his cup

Setting your feet on his faithful road

For I once saw a dog that ate past his fill

Gobbling down four pork chop dinners

Giving over to the greed of his will

Following the wide path of  all sinners

It’s a beautiful thing when we begin to deny

The voice in our head that says: buy, buy,buy

And begin to let the Lord take his place

Allowing temperance and wisdom to be your new race

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