Deaf, Blind And Mute Was I

I am praying that God will bring you closer to Him

Sometimes during our different places God has us in our lives, you occasionally meet a very difficult person. I have such a person that I see every once in a while. Their life is such a mess. Every statement they make is dripping with the words: “I am in great pain. Who can help me with my hurt”. They try to hide it behind a gruff exterior, or a life played out in drugs, alcohol, or some other perversion. But, the result is always the same, nothing covers up that kind of sin, no matter how deep you try to bury it. I once, and I quote, heard this lady say to someone: ” I wish all the children were dead. They just try to kill you or hurt you later on”. Bang, that hit me right in the parent part of my heart. What could have possibly happened to this person that would cause them to belch out such a terrible decree? Why would a mother wish death on their own child? How could you say this out loud, even in a public place? This is the kind of darkness that should never be spoken in any place, let alone a grocery store.

Now, just as I was crucifying her in my thoughts over and over, the gentle, convicting voice of the Lord spoke to me, and he said: “Is your sin any better? Have you forgotten what it was like for you before you were saved by my love? “. Oh, loving Lord, please forgive me for my ignorance and spiteful heart, were the next prayers I spoke. After begging, no pleading for the Lord’s forgiveness of my terrible sin of slander, I began to meditate on what God spoke to me at the grocery store. In my quiet time, He allowed me to remember how hard the times were before I was redeemed. How a troubled boy fought, punched, lashed out at others and secretly cried in my room wishing for a father who loved my brother and I. Those times were very painful. They were filled with such sorrow, pain and awkwardness. But, during the most terrible part of my life, I could always feel the direction and leading of the Lord; even though I was so young. He saved me from some horrible decisions and to a path of love and song. Again, over and over, day by day and minute by minute, I am awestruck by the power of God’s Son to save lives that we so terrible destroy by ourselves. Today, as a testimony of the Lord’s great change in your lives, simply remember what it was like, not dwell, or be stuck on, before Christ delivered you from yourself. Hey Great Plains Poet, what if I am still in the place of struggle and sorrow? Don’t despair! Please stop, where ever you are, and ask God to forgive you of your sins and save you from a life of deception, and a wrong choice to live apart from God. The bible says: “for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13. He is there reaching out to you. Please grab His Mighty Hand and be delivered from yourself and your sin.

As I was reflecting about what it was like before I began to travel with Christ, I was filled with a love for my fellow-man I never had before. This poem is an obedient response to the question the Lord asked me. This week I have taken great comfort in this verse from Hosea that a brother shared with me. Hosea 11:4 “I led them with cords of kindness, [fn] with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them.”(ESV) It reminds me of how great the Lord’s provision is for me and my family. I am never in want, need, tatters and the Most High God has bent down to feed me. Wow, meditate on that a while folks!

Please enjoy the poem, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to my blog, re-post this to someone you feel needs this today, and, as always, meditate on the greatness of the Lord.

The Great Plains Poet, awakened, vocal and a penitent servant of a providing Lord.

 Deaf, Blind And Mute Was I

by Chris T.

I couldn’t fix it myself, this mess I was in.

Nobody’s to blame. Just little old me and my shame.

I’m told from birth, going back to Adam,

My sin was attained and fully mine to bear.

Where could I turn, for help, for hope, for a new beginning?

I put it off, this debt of mine.

Was carried, toted, as a young man.

Fists turning to granite and heart to stone,

Eyes were fixed to the ground and downcast was my soul.

Is there a way to be fed that might last more than a day?

So faint was the call, like a whisper drifting on a breeze.

If I didn’t notice, it did not go away and it still called out to me.

The words spoke, froze me in my place, like the hit of a sniper’s bullet,

So far away and so unaware.

Will I go any further without its welcome voice, its timbre and calming tongue?

And swarming in a midst of hate, viper strikes and the hammer of condemnation,

Your love pierced through the dark clouds like a brilliant shaft of light,

Bringing a gentle, all-encompassing love that spoke of my value.

For just the love of me, in my sin, in my shame,

You called with a voice so beautiful, so holy and so filled with peace.

I have heard of your power, mighty power, to create life by speech,

To bring into existence the most complicated things just by expelling the air in your lungs.

True, these are awesome, and incredible, and unattainable for my fragile hands,

But I am dumbstruck by your power to save life, to reach down into hell and snatch it back.

To restore hearing to the spiritually deaf, and open the eyes of the devoutly blind,

Bringing a mute voice into utterance, about a God, a Son, a Spirit

And the missing piece that I have always been looking for.

6 thoughts on “Deaf, Blind And Mute Was I

    1. You words have been such an encouragement to me for these last several months. They have helped me to obey the voice of the Lord and step out into the ministry He has for me. Thank you Katia for your commitment to the Great Commission and to me. God bless you.

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