Lingering Doubt

Lingering Doubt

by Chris T.

Many circumstances create many views,

And often give me perspective of the great in you.

If I’ll just believe and allow hope,

Then the foundation of His word will help me cope

But if I flail with my mind to and fro,

Then a peace that I will never know.

Will never take hold and never bring calm,

Applying to my wounds that soothing balm

For though I’m a soldier, a warrior for you,

I can struggle with an absence of  your Holy truth.

If I let this fox in my vines,

Then gone will be the fruit of all shapes and kinds

I wish I could see with your knowing eyes,

Maybe, my sin I would then despise.

And gently my faith will begin to sprout

Ripping out the roots of my lingering doubt

This is just a quick poem I wrote for a contest. It was supposed to be done in about ten minutes. So, I did it in 5. Hope it isn’t too terrible.

God Bless,

The Great Plains Poet

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