The Tree That’s Rooted In You

I am still at one of those seasons in my life that requires steadfast prayer and focus on the Lord daily, sometimes, moment by moment. As I was lamenting the place I am at now, the Lord began to speak to me about the awesomeness of trees; my favorite things in nature. I live in a VERY green area.  I don’t really even notice how green my environment is until an outsider speaks about it. So, the evidence of old, worn, but time-tested trees are all around me. The Lord, who knows every tiny detail about my life(one of the best aspects about having a relationship with my creator). knows exactly how to get the best way to impact me with excellent teaching. I am a very visual learner. So, imagery speaks volumes to me, rather than “volumes” do, if you can understand that. As I was looking at one of the 100 foot high trees in my neighborhood, it was swaying a lot to and fro. I live in the very start of “Tornado Alley” so, this was a very normal occurrence. He began to show me that though the tree moves greatly back and forth, it does not become uprooted and fall over to its destruction. The Lord said to me that this was also true in my life, if the roots of my tree are rooted in Him. The book of John chapter 10 verse 29 says: “My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.” 

Therefore, even though our tree shakes, sways, fruit dies off, leaves fall and branches may snap off, if we are rooted in Him, nothing can snatch us out of the powerful, all-loving hands of God, our Father. This may be just a message for me, but, take hold of that fact today. Walk in peace, knowing that the trials we face are just a shaking and nothing will defeat us if we stay rooted in Him.

Please enjoy the poem. Feel free to comment, subscribe, re-post and share with anyone what you learned here today.

The Great Plains Poet, weather-worn, beaten up old tree, rooted firmly in the life saving grace of God my Father.

 The Tree That’s Rooted In You

a poem by Chris T.

The leaves they fall and shed for thee.

A reflection of time and the continuation of me.

And though they wither and dance in the sky,

Still the tree stands refusing to die.

Strictures, they place you in an unshakable grip.

To make you stumble, unfocused or trip.

Even though you wrap up my trunk with chains,

My branches reach higher and my faith still remains.

Summer, I flourish, showing all of His glory.

Fall, peels another layer, revealing my story.

Winter, it comes like it or not.

Spring, it brings life, overcoming the rot.

I sway, I buckle, but yet I don’t break.

For what feels like a felling is only a shake.

I look up onward to heights that I might reach;

Ignoring the tickling of the enemy’s speech.

I dream of a boy who might climb my limbs,

Who’ll use his imagination and fulfill all his whims

I’ll show him the top and its excellent view,

And the strength of the tree that’s rooted in you.

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