Washing My Eyes In The Glory Of A View

This poem finds me in one of the roughest places I have ever been in. I am in the hospital and trying so hard to get well, at the same time keeping myself from getting lost in all the pain. As I wrote this poem, I was staring out of a window on the 5th floor trying to get inspired and looking for the Lord’s peace and solitude. I was having a difficult day but I so desperately wanted to convey my feeling without drawing attention to my physical woes. I will be writing a new series shortly about how to live with chronic pain while not letting that take the entire focus of your life and esteeming others above yourself. When we think of others before ourselves, we are so connected to the body of christ and we are then truly living in a faith based state that will only reap a benefit of maturity, peace and joy. Here is a verse to chew on that I felt was so powerful to me and changed my ideals about suffering althogther. I know this is going to be rushed and maybe not my best work, but I felt the Lord really wanted my to get this out today, regardless of feeling well and secure. Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

Lord, please teach me your ways be giving of myself as a servant with a heart after your people; just as you did and continue to do even today.

The Great Plains Poet…….free to love others and not lost in my own problems.

Washing My Eyes In The Glory Of A View

by Chris T.

Looking to awash my eyes in a view

Trying to capture a glimpse, a small piece of you.

Scanning the horizon to and fro,

Searching for solace or something I know.

Come to me in focus and leave out no detail.

For I am hungry for truth and even a tale.

So if you see a bleary eyed gaze so absently returned,

It is clear I haven’t found the thing that I’ve yearned.

Days go to nights, and the nights turn pitch black.

Moments run together without form, without slack.

For now the rosebud begins to lose its luminous glow,

And the twinkle and shine may never be known.

Clearly something must change and change very quick.

Not by confusion, and not by trick.

I desperately need my muse to return.

Providing the shimmer and sparkle to learn.

How to keep one’s wits from sorrow and despair.

By giving the credit where beauty is due.

Washing my eyes in the glory of a view.

11 thoughts on “Washing My Eyes In The Glory Of A View

  1. Joy comes after the darkest night, in the morning, with the rising of the Son. Joy comes after the mourning, after death and loss with the rising of Hope. Joy comes with Life born anew.

    From out of the voices of the night, from out of the despair of death, from out of the loneliness of loss, the Son speaks, the Son conquers, the Son is there. HE is fighting with you and for you. HE surrounds you, ahead of you and behind you. HE is your battle cry, HE is your shield, and armor, HE is your sword of Life.

    When the battle ceases and the wounds lie open, HE is the balm of Gliead. Joy comes in the morning. HE is alive.

    1. Debbie, thank you for the uplifting words. I really appreciate everyone’s prayers. The Lord will provide and make it all well. Thanks for reading my work and for faithfully followin me.

      1. It is easy to follow those who keep their eyes focused on the Lord. I am a “word person” and you are gifted with words.

        I do not know the story of your physical condition right now and I am sorry that you are suffering and in the hospital. Even though I was born with cerebral palsy, I have been very fortunate not to suffer terribly with pain, but age is changing things a bit. But I do know the story of how easy it is to get lost in the darkness and how easy it is to not fight to take the next step. You are too strong for that, even in your weakest moments. HE is too strong for that, even in your weakest moments.

  2. Amico mio caro,
    I am thinking about you and hope my prayers are felt.
    God has you in the palm of his hand. Keep the faith. Keep in touch.
    Loved the poem

  3. Katia, it has been so long since i have spoken with and i feel so out of touch with our friendship. I was kind of bummed when i learned you aren not back in the usa yet. It has been a long difficult journey for you and i prayed so dilligently that god would comfort and protect you. Please pray for me that my sodium levels will rise. I had a brain trauma and they won’t let me go home until i can manage it myself. I have been in the hospital for over a month now wnd they really dont know when i will be allowed to go home yet. So, any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes, we lost touch after my mom passed away in November. It has been a very painful time, still is. I am so sorry to hear you are still struggling with your health. Please email me if you have any specific prayer need or like to talk.
      I should be in Minnesota in 10 days if the weather permits. Have you heard about the Siberian storm alarm in Italy?!

      1. Well, for the last 10 days or so Italy has been under weather alert because of a Syberian snow storm. The snow, ice and cold conditions created mayor problems in many small town. Only the Fire departement has being able to reach those location to bring food and meds. In Lanciano we had almost a meter of snow! This weekend it should improve, we hope!

  4. Katia, that is insane. Please be safe. Please pray for the sodium level to be within parameters so i can be released from the hospitaal. God bless.

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