Stepping Up Is Stepping Behind


Stepping Up Is Stepping Behind

by Chris T.


A fine collection of sweat begins to gather

The perfume of hard work and struggle

Why do I push aside my champion

Only to muster up strength I don’t posses or don’t comprehend


What have I gained for all my hard work and toil

Not one more step towards deliverance

No mile-markers passed

And nary a click on my odometer gained


What an empty venture it is to try to impress

Someone with infinite power who sees all motives

Mine is a selfish quest

The result of a question to pose to one’s self

“Can I really do it all on my own?”


Where are the heavens that I have measured

Where is the proof of my brilliance

Gone are all the accomplishments of a man

When the refiner’s fire tests its merit

And it is the same old result

Missing the mark and found to be wanting


Since when has faith and reliance become such a dirty word?

What is it in me that gathers up so much food

For a feast that has been already furnished by the finest host

How many times will I draw water from a dry and poisoned well?


Let it go all you self-stressed warriors

Release yourselves from your much willing chains

Step out of your tightly clasped control

And step behind the “burden carrier”

The willing Savior who listens for the call

“Lord, I can’t do this on my own, but You can”


So lay down your powerless striving

And give a call to the One who takes away the sins of the world

Giving all rest to those willing to step behind Him



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