Hope, Healing, Peace And Courage

Hope in your hands comes from faith in Jesus

I was in the hospital for 6 weeks after my horrific accident. After a week, I received a visit from one of the hospital’s chaplains. He entered the room and we talked, shared, prayed and visited for a while. Just before he left, he gave me a small handmade memory stone that said: Hope. It was just this hand painted terra-cotta nic-nac that was glazed on front and a bare fingerprint on back. During the next few days I would stare at this little “stone” and it would remind me about the hope I had in Jesus, the hope that I would get well again and the hope that I will someday see my sick and feeble body be glorified in heaven. That strange little handmade “stone”, gave me a daily reminder to pray and thank Jesus for the saving of my life from my accident and the hope that I always have in Him.

If you are struggling right now, and there seems to be no end to your troubles, please cry out to Jesus for help. He will always answer our prayers and I have learned, after many years of trying to do things on my own, the his grace is sufficient for me and everyone who calls upon His name. If you don’t know the Lord as your Savior and you would like to experience His hope, please email me and I tell you what to do to know Him. I did, and my life has been filled with hope ever since then; and forever will continue to do so.

Here is a wonderfully simple scripture that God has given me to study. I hope it will give you hope as well.: Psalm 119:114 “You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope
in your word.”

The Great Plains Poet, who realizes how weak that I am and how strong that He is.

Enjoy the poem and leave a comment or subscribe if you like. God Bless.


a poem by Chris T.

Though this long day gnashes at my heel and claws at my soul;

And though my flesh grabs tightly wrestling for control,

I take my peace in my God of Hope.

For bills that reach skyward in a tower of debt,

Can only try to ebb away at my ability to cope.

Tempting me to gather my strength in worry and fret.

But that will not crumble my tower of hope.

For my castle’s not built with mortar or stone.

Nor is it fashioned with man’s help alone.

For I look above the wisdom of man,

And watch and pray to get my heavenly plan

So, struggles will come in the worst of times;

Making life hard and such a steep climb.

Striving and toil is a slippery slope.

For my faith’s in God in which is my hope.

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