The Call To Courage


Philippians 1:20 “I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed, but will have
sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body,
whether by life or by death.”

Courage, such an over used word thats definition has been blurred over time. Today, true courage is lacking in so many people. We lack the courage to be disciplined and are often ruled by our stomachs and desires. We walk on the other side of the proverbial road when we see others in need. Or, we christians have a sudden deaf ear to the Holy Spirits direction to serve someone else who might look not like us. Many folks are riddled with unnecessary drugs because we lack the courage to face our problems and get help.  Sadly, today most men in the home, if they are there at all to participate, don’t have the courage to lead their families in a godly lifestyle.

Where today, are the people who will stand up for what’s right; like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? They would not bend down to any idols. Having courage and faith, they knew they had to do what’s right; even unto death. What an example of courage to hold firm and still!

I used to go to church with a man named Frank. He had similar health conditions like me; but much worse. I remember his joy, they way he was faithful to God and his family; even though his health had gotten worse and worse no matter what he did. Frank had the courage to put one more foot in front of the other and make special the remaining time he had left. Did he have moments of confusion and doubt? I am sure he did; but I will never forget his courage and faithful witness. His “Job-like” example gives me the hope that my courage will mature in me due to Christ’s sacrifice and grace.

This is not a Vince Lombardi-like pep talk. I will not scream it directly at your face. Jesus is there for you, YES, you. He is there for the thief, the liar, the murderer, the cheat, the broken, the abused, the actor and the saints. He takes a wilted flower and pours His water of life on us so we will never wilt and die(John 4:14). If we are to change our homes, our streets, our countries and the rest of the world, we have to be willing to take the courage that Christ gives us and be the impetus. We need to start the change, knock on some neighbor’s doors and introduce them to Jesus. If we only had the courage to undertake that journey.

The Great Plains Poet, seeker of God’s courage and obedient to the call.

Please enjoy the poem, comment, subscribe and most of all, tell others what you heard here today. God bless you all as you take courage to live what is right.

The Call To Courage

a poem by Chris T.

Even though the chatter of my teeth can be heard for miles,

And shake of my bones is like a dead man’s rattle,

When more resolve is needed for my trials

I can still hear the faint call to courage.

For it’s trumpet is blown with love and grace,

Singing a melody of faith that endures.

When I feel just stuck in my place,

The call to courage is sound and true.

For, the Lord’s courage stabilizes weak knees and quivering lips.

It gives a coward the faith to hope for the thing unseen,

The salvation that lies just out of reach; that we didn’t even know was there.

Courage activates in me a fixing of my eyes.

Up into heaven from which the only help will come,

My eyes will search with anticipated joy.

I am a watchman at my master’s post;

Who waits eagerly for His return.

The Lord’s courage can take me into the burning building,

Even though ever fiber in my body tells me to stay put.

Oh merciful God, you alone have strength,

Power worth delivering and might that never disappoints.

I will bless your name; for you are willing and able,

To unleash these concrete boots and send my feet a flight,

Into the daily fray, if I’ll  answer the call to courage.

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