The Cool Of The Morn

In the morn He will find me; as the dew caresses the foliage.

Two weeks ago I was at my local used bookstore perusing the religious section to see if something would catch my eye; and as luck would have it, something did. For many years, I have heard about a man named A.W. Tozer. His unquenching thirst for God is well-known in the Christian circles. This man isn’t your run of the mill Sunday-go-to-meeting believer, Mr. Tozer was a fervent pursuer of God. He pushed hard into the throne room and dove for the hem of the garment, so to speak, with every opportunity he could. Tozer knew how to maximize his quiet time with the Lord to the point of making it his most valued treasure. Joyce Meyer once said “I will fight a bear, to have my quiet time with the Lord in the morning.” So, when I saw Tozer’s book: “The Pursuit Of God” on the shelf, my fingers snatched it up with a miser’s zeal for coin.

I made a commitment to my God, my family and myself to know God deeper. Not just to spend time with Him a couple of times a week with my laundry list full of requests; but to search after the Lord’s heart with something more than I ever did before. And you know what people? I found Him there waiting for me with a kind word and open arms. Did it take some work to rearrange my schedule? Did I have to do without some amenities in my life? Yes, and  I have never missed those things since. Here is one of the verses that I have been using as my standard lately: Revelation 3:20 : “Behold, I stand at the
door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.”

Such a simple call the Lord makes, but, it needs to be simple because of those, like myself, who are headstrong and stubborn.

The Great Plains Poet, thirsty for God and diving on the hem of His wonderful garment as well.

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The Cool Of The Morn

by Chris T.

The treasure of knowledge of you and me

I can’t affix a price; for its value is beyond measure.

I rise, before sunrise, before household chatter

And bend at the knee to reach heaven

This communion, this confab, sets my day right,

And all is well with my world.

Pressing deeper, harder and to the special place

That you have carved out for us.

From my lips spill thanksgiving and praise

I refuse to bark requests to the throne of grace.

Each moment spent on others and their needs

Your instruction is unselfish and teaches me to be upon the rock of humility

Never a second wasted between you and I

Even though I can’t hold up my end of the bargain,

Your acceptance and grace covers me

Like fleece blanket on a cold Alaskan day.

Though you quench my thirst, you place a hunger as well

Sustaining my life, but drawing me closer for a deeper fill

I can’t get enough when I press in

When my priorities are arranged just so

And when I am old and my mind has lost its edge

Please call to my heart to meet in the usual place

The spot where I learned the unknowable things

Where I  found a savior who was willing to speak in the cool of the morn.

10 thoughts on “The Cool Of The Morn

    1. That is wonderful to hear. So many christians today, even after conversion, still live on the otherside of the veil. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Also, if you like, please subscribe and tell others what you read here today. I am trying to shout out the love of Jesus to all the world.

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