Jumping In The Pool With Zeal

It’s hard not to get excited with water that looks this cool.

Boy, nothing got me more elated as a child than the coming of summer and that delicious three-month break from school. Obviously, summer brings the axe on all those school deadlines and strictures; but most of all, the thing that whet my appetite for summer was: The City Pool. The pool was a place that a kid could cut loose. A spot where a kid can push some boundaries and let go of those inhibitions. I could remember saying to myself: “Is this the year that I dive straight into the deep end? Will I finally be able to hold my breath for one minute underwater? Will all my buddies from school be there?”

When we get older, we eventually start to fall in line. We will keep to our schedule and try not to rustle any feathers, yours or anyone elses. Most people lose their zeal for the chaos of the pool when they start college. Why? Where did it go? How did we lose this?

This year I really enjoyed  watching my little guy at his swimming lessons. All of the children in his group really looked forward to the daily teaching. Some kids were scared to go to the deep end. Others, were afraid to jump straight in. A few felt skittish about holding their breath underwater; but ALL had smiles and enjoyed every minute of the time in the pool.

A good amount of us people lost sight of what God’s overall plan is for us. We let the business of our over-complicated lives rule us. When we do, it robs us of the joy and zeal for life that the Father intended for each one of us. Don’t let this happen anymore. Slow your lives down. Find ways to make the little things you do, count for much in the lives of others and your families; and take back the zeal for living, that Jesus had, Paul had and David as well. Will you have hard times? Sure, but how we react to them, how our attitude is during them, can be chosen every morning. Remember the days of your youth and, the next time you are by a pool, beat your kids into the water; by balling up and hitting that pool with the most magnificent cannonball ever done. Your twinkle will come back and God will be magnified in your actions.

Here is a bible verse to get you on the right track. Romans 12:11 “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

Please look to God to revive your zeal, if you have lost it. Why not take the plunge again into life.

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The Great Plains Poet, acceptor of God’s rich zeal and fully living in His grace and Joy.

Jumping In The Pool With Zeal

by Chris T.

Many children pack the city pool like scurrying ants in a colony.

Each child with an expression of joy, of glee.

Some dive head first, some cannonball,

But all get wet and tread water with zeal.

I can see a cautious little one gather up courage.

Her tiny toes inch closer to the edge of the water.

A deep breath and an encouraging word from mom

Brings the eyes to focus with a sparkle of fun in their corners.

Not everyone came with the same agenda.

Susan came to wade in the jungle pool,

And Matthew wants to shoot the tube.

Marcus bobs in the wave pool

While Olivia drifts in the lazy river

Not one child can hear their parents, or maybe want to, at the pool.

None will worry about chores, little brothers or school

Every kid will smile and every one will squeal,

And the level of bedlam is now related to show of their zeal.

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