A Magical Thing When We Pray

Oh the joy on this boy’s face when our prayers were answered

The crazy day started off with a bang. I had no idea that a city-wide scavenger hunt was going to ensue when I bought the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What a whirlwind couple of days that book kicked off. Let me back up a little. I had a great parent-like idea! I was going to try to share with my son the joys of reading since I knew the school year was quickly coming. The key with my son, is to pick a story that will get him engaged right from the get go. While my son and I were at the local bookstore, after combing over a hundred books or more, one book made a sudden appearance; right out of my childhood. There it was, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Oh how I loved this story! Boy and family are poor. Boy has dreams that seem too high to attain. Boy hopes against the odds and boy’s pure heart wins the day. What a theme, and owning a chocolate factory wouldn’t be a bad thing for a kid; you know what I mean.

After we speed read the first chapter, my son turns to me with toothless grin and says: “Hey dad, why don’t we try to find a Wonka bar in our town? ” Instantly, I thought this was a home-run moment as a dad; because I knew this would open his imagination for the book. The problem was: I didn’t even think they sold those bars any more. After jumping on the internet, I was glad to learn that they did and that started the two-day event of literally going to every store we could. During our “scavenger hunt”, we kept striking out, at what seemed every turn. Then, I heard the unmistakable voice inside me say: “Why don’t you pray?” Duh, as the kids say. Why wouldn’t I involve the Lord in this one. What a lesson my son would learn if God answered our prayer; and He did.

God is always there for us; even in our frenetic lives, and even in the simple things. The key is to listen to His voice and remember to be faithful to ask for help. As a people, as a society, it is shown as weakness to ask for help; but in God’s kingdom,  when we realize that we are weak, we become strong in the Lord. God’s word says in 2 Corinthians 12:9:”My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect
in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so
that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

Let us all start to realize that God wants us to succeed; if only we will acknowledge our weakness. It is then, when we grasp God’s sufficiency, that Christ’s power will then rest upon our lives. We can’t do that if we are trying to do things on our own all the time. Stop at points during your day and speak to God; for it’s truly a magical thing when we pray.

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The Great Plains Poet, weak in the flesh, but most assuredly alive in Christ’s power.

A Magical Thing When We Pray

by Chris T.

It was a great and important mission to fulfill the commission

To endeavor to find a treasure most fine.

We awoke that day and were sent into the fray

In search of a confection so pretty in the walls of our city.

My son and I; dared to give it a try

So we jumped in our jeep and made a blind leap

To barrel down streets searching for a candy so sweet.

This search all began, to become a grand plan

Due to the hook of our new favorite book.

For the story of a boy who was looking for joy

In Wonka’s chocolate mastery inside his factory’s menagerie

So, with my son in tow, we did go go go

And we made our car roar, all the way to the store.

and burst through the door when our feet hit the floor,

And made for aisle six to get our candy fix

Oh bother, drat and grind, no Wonka bar we could find

For it seems there was hard candy, but that’s no so dandy

When your endeavor to search is now left in the lurch

Because Nerds and Gobstoppers they’ve got, but don’t sell the candy bar they ought.

Then a terrible thing crossed our mind, would we ever score our treasured find

And one fact became quite clear, none of the stores sold the bar so dear.

I pulled over the car and we started to pray, that victory would be ours on this very day.

Then at the last store that seemed pretty far, was the last one in town of Wonka’s Candy bar.

5 thoughts on “A Magical Thing When We Pray

    1. It is my pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. They are both appreciated and respected. Also, if you like, please tell others about my blog. My hope is to point the lost back to Jesus through my writings and ramblings. He has blessed me so much and I have much to share. I have a goal to get 10k views and then I will donate 100.00 to the Food Giveaway in my town. It is a wonderful ministry and what a way to be the hands and feet of Christ. So, any help getting the word out about my blog would be very helpful. God bless.

    1. God has been telling my family to believe fully and to ask Him for the little things; like you would a good friend. My pursuit of Him is changing everything I know about life, love and leading my family in that love and peace that Christ has for us.

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