When An Enemy Falls



Even though your enemy is alien to you, he is loved by God.


Sometimes a person comes into your life who just does everything they can to make you fall and will put many stumbling blocks in your path. Strangely, it seems, that an antagonist comes out of nowhere; out of left field. There are some people out there who just have it in for you; people who seemingly go out of their way to do harm to you, your reputation and sometimes, your physical wellbeing too. The bible says that we don’t fight against flesh and blood, and a strong Christian, is always a huge target.

When Jesus walked this earth, he faced many enemies, the Pharisees, priests and hard-hearted law worshipers who didn’t want their place or position to be threatened. Jesus once said to his disciples: “Remember the words I spoke to you: ‘No servant is greater than his master.’ If
they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.”-John 15:20. Jesus faced many enemies of faith and adversaries who wanted to stop what the Father was doing through him.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised when an enemy comes out of nowhere. We WILL be opposed, persecuted and overlooked. If it happened to our Savior, it will happen to us as well. But, they way we respond to that opposition is the key to victory; and the way our attitude is  towards the persecutor; is essential to our growth and the advancement of the Gospel.

A long while ago, I used to love it when those who have wronged me got their comeuppance. I would laugh and point my crooked metaphorical finger saying: “See, they really got what they deserved.” or  “I have been vindicated”. All the while, spewing this venom with a darkened heart that was no better than the person who wronged me in the first place. If we are to change our darkened world, then we christians need to show those difficult people, the unfailing love of Christ. His love, will bring to light all of the darkness that exists, even in the places that we think no one knows about. The only right way to overcome the evil someone has for us(this includes the devil’s assaults as well), is to overcome that evil with good; and the good in us christians is, Christ’s love for his children.

 God loves that annoying guy in Accounting. He sent his Son to die for that mechanic that charged you extra for a part that didn’t need to be replaced. Jesus still calls out in His great love to the prostitute, the homeless, the drunkard and the Wall Street power player as well. We are all the same to God. He loves us all equally; and that is how it is supposed to be; because God is holy and just.

So, let the Lord fill your heart with love and compassion for your enemies. They are loved by your God and blinded by the sin that they do. Ask the Lord to give you His love for that one person that seems to go out of their way to wrong you; you will be obedient to God’s call and you will be blessed. Here is a proverb to remind us what God expects when we face an opposer.

Proverbs 24:17: “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice,”

The Great Plains Poet, needing the heart of my Loving God and worker of grace and love to all God puts in my path.

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 When An Enemy Falls

by Chris T.

Though you tried hard to not be seen, I saw what you did.

I could see your lips moving from across the room

And knowing all the well, that ill was being spoken of me.


When I saw a door open, you slammed it in my face.

As I traveled to the cooler to drink, you beat me there and swallowed the last bit.

You have taken credit for my work and ideas.

For you are my unprovoked enemy, the persecutor of a good man.


I have often sat and gathered thought; what have i done to call down so much fire?

Why have I drawn your disdain and ire?

What is it about me that makes you bristle?


I have prayed for you, your family, your success.

I didn’t want to at first; but the Lord asked me to.

I listened to your passing conversations for how I could pray better,

Most of all, I listened to the Lord, and that brought your anger to the surface.


Enemy of mine, I saw your unlawful practice, the one you covered up.

I asked God to show you how dangerous that was.

And when there were murmurs about your misdeeds,

I would not listen, I would not speak of it.


Adversary to me, I could see it coming, the darkness of the tide.

Uncomfortably, I tried to reason with you; told you not to hide.

You wouldn’t hear of it; you were deaf to the truth

And when you were dismissed from your position,

I gained no victory, I mustered no smile

For I am not to get joy when an enemy falls.

9 thoughts on “When An Enemy Falls

  1. What a great post! I recently was trying to get this message across to someone. They were very sick and I was laying hands on them and praying for healing. God showed me that unforgiveness in their heart was blocking the healing. When I asked about this, hey admitted that there was a person who they didn’t think they could forgive. God told me to tell them to picture this “bad” person as a child, as a baby, before it was hurt by the world. Boom, that was all that it took. She was able to forgive and is recovering from her long illness, praise God!

  2. What will being a ‘Christian’ mean in my situation with the husband? I am asking for divorce. But he’s not relenting. We are fighting it out in the court. I can’t take his schemes and plots… I could also do things illegally legal that will give me an upper hand and will make him do as i want. But i don’t want to choose the wrong path. So all i do is pray and try to reason with him. Nothing works. He’s still playing games while pretending to the court that he wants to stay married and is the good guy. It might cost me my son, my money that i invested in him and that has rendered me broke and my peace of mind. I want to be nice to him cos i am a Christian but he will only take me for a ride and i won’t even know what hit me.

    1. I don’t know what the particulars of your situation are; and I don’t have to because Christ is more than able to discern and save us. Also, I want to commend you on your choice to stay pure and not fall into the temptation of vengence; which will only lead to a hardening of one’s heart. So, your strength to do the right thing in a difficult situation, gives me, and others, a stong christian example to follow.
      Please don’t love heart in this hard time. Remember, Jesus loves you so much and is able to save you, exactly where you are right now, and completely as well. Plus, Jesus himself is standing right next to the Father praying for you; yes you(Heb 7:25). I have also been through some very hard seasons and continually, literally all day long, have to draw upon His love and strength to get me through even one single day. I am ravaged by 3 serious disease states that could take my life at any momnet; but, I will be saved because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and the incredible work that he began in me and is always in the process of finishing. So, I entreat you to draw deep from God. Throw your bucket all the way down the well and pour that living water down your throat, drenching your chin and bathing in all the righteousness that God has for you. I would not have made it if I didn’t make a consious decision to find the Lord in all of this; not a surface sunday-go-to-meeting relationship, but an intimate, best friend God that He has always offered to me but I pushed away. Furthermore, be faithful in your prayer time. The word says the faithful prayer of the righteous avails much(James 5:16). Please find a solid,bible believing person to confide in and pray for you. I know that might be embarassing at first, but the spiritual benefit of others praying for you is invaluable.
      I will be also praying for you this week too; for comfort,guidance,strength and that God will show you His unfailing love(Psalm 147:11).
      Finally, I am so sorry that you are going through this difficult time. I felt from the Lord to not advise you as to what to do about your situation; and, that your answer is in to seek Him more. But, my family will be praying for you and we will be faithful to lift you up tonight to the Almighty God who is might to save.
      God Bless you Annedesa, and may we all grow in His love and knowledge of Him.
      Chris T.,
      The Great Plains Poet.

      1. Dear Chris,

        You words brought tears to my eyes. I am with you completely when you talk about the spiritual benefit of others praying for us. I know. I have survived on my friends’ prayers when i have been unable to pray for myself.

        I already felt comforted by your mere words that you and your family will be praying for me. I cannot imagine how much more i will be blessed by the actual prayers. Thank you ever so much.

        And i cannot emphasize enough how humbled i am that God could be using me/my weaknesses to help others stay Christian in their difficult situations. Thank you for saying that. Although i must say that apart from God’s grace, its only prayers of God’s people like yourself that enable me to stay pure – in actions and thoughts.

        I sincerely request to you to pray for me for discernment of God’s will and the courage to carry it out.

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