“What Are You Doing In My Backyard?”

The morning started off with a bang! The child was successfully delivered to school. My dog was fed, the fish enjoyed some pellets and a sumptuous carafe of coffee was now brewing, and pouring hot. I began to gulp some much-needed mouthfuls when, something black and white flashed in my peripheral; someone’s dog is in my yard. Instantly I checked to see if my dog was outside. Thankfully, Gus was in the house with me. So, right away I thought, my neighbor’s dog had gotten out again. I could see my neighbor was outside in her backyard and I began to motion to her; letting her know that her little black and white dog was in my yard again. I approached the little fuzzball quietly and scooped it up in my arms. The tiny guy was so gentle and I was surprised at how easily the dog let met grab it. Making my way to my neighbor’s gate I heard it crack open and then her eyes met mine. “My dogs are all here” she said. Whoa, I wasn’t ready for that. So this is a stranger’s dog then? What to do, what to do? My street-mate wished me luck and closed her gate; leaving me with a calm black and white pooch in my arms.

 Carefully, I maneuvered its collar upwards to read the dog’s tag. The veterinarian tag was legible but the owner’s name and telephone number was well-worn and difficult to see. So, I called the barely legible phone number on the tag; no joy, I got the answering machine. Now, things are starting to get interesting. I can’t have the dog at my house. My Gus is just freaking out, barely contained by the sliding glass door; and if he gets out, the dog that I am cradling in my arms, will surely meet with harm.

Now, step two in “operation dog rescue” will have to commence; calling the dog’s vet to get an address. Dialing the vet’s office, I am nervous because I hooked the dog up outside on my dog’s lead outside. Also, hearing the frothing and low guttural grumbles of my own dog was not waylaying my anxiety at all. I talk to the receptionist from the dog’s vet office and get the much-needed owner’s street address. Voila! Success at last!

Feverishly, I get myself ready to head out the door when my phone rings. Praise the Lord, it’s the owner on the line saying: “I hear you have my dog? ” Words that instantly ease the anxiety. The owner races over to my house with two children in tow and I meet her at the street holding her little black and white pooch.

When the dog’s owner arrived, I sort of expected platitudes of gratitude, or waves of gratefulness;but, that didn’t happen. Just a simple: thanks for the dog and later dude. The apathy of the owner for what I had done for her surprised me a little and caught me off guard. I mean, I was waiting for a big “thankyou” and a massive show of gratuitous gratefulness; nope, that’s not the way it went. She collected her fuzzy dog and just went on her way like this was an everyday occurence; like eating and waking.

I let this roll around in my mind awhile and the lord began to speak to me. He was telling me that I am just to serve and to be willing to do that without reward. The Lord was saying to me, in not so many words, that my heart wasn’t right. I should give and help others because Christ’s love was in my heart; not because I want the approval of man or woman. For, if I seek this reward here on earth, I am not storing up treasure in heaven. Admitting this is hard, but I have vowed to be open and share of myself to help others with their journey and point the way to Christ. So, that day I received a gentle rebuke from the Lord. But, I received that rebuke with an open heart and a willingness to have God change my wicked flesh.

Here is the wisdom of serving with a heart to seek and put His kingdom first. Matthew 6:19-21 ““Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, 20 but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”(ESV)

Our Lord cares so much about the state of our heart, and if you abide in Christ, you will care what God is doing there as well.

Please let God speak to you today about your heart motives. Let Him make them pure, and always, seeking His kingdom first.

The Great Plains Poet, a work in God’s progress, willing and open to the Spirit’s direction.

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Motives And Treasures Of The Heart 

by Chris T.


Here is your gift that you’ve lost.

And why is your gratitude filled with frost?

Don’t you treasure the guidance of my hand?

And why isn’t your praise of me affluent and grand?


I protected your gift with diligence and bother.

With wisdom and love; like a faithful father

Was the shrug of your shoulders the best you could do?

For the slice of humble pie was difficult to chew.


It’s clear that I served your need

And that I followed a kind person’s creed

But the dull, apathetic look in your eyes

Set me aback and gave me great surprise


Is it much better to get what I deserved,

Or require my service to be seen and observed?

Is it best to yell and be seen?

For, my Lord only desires for my heart to be clean.


From now on, i’ll secretly live out my deeds

Obscure from the limelight, and behind the weeds.

Giving of myself with a pureness of heart

Building treasures in heaven, a true plan from the start.


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