In-nummerable Volumes Of Greatness

No library can hold the volumes of God’s Great love for us!

This week was especially hard for me. I struggled a lot with my health conditions. I labored on with my ailments and I was disappointed at, what I felt, was a lack of progress. So, I was a little down. Therefore I had a sad kind of malaise about my countenance this last week. I needed a “pick-me-up”; and who better to ask than God. The Lord and I have a funny relationship. He knows, and of course he would, exactly when I need a laugh. So, I laid my head down one night and the poem at the bottom was the gist of the strange dream I had from the Lord, His greatness and all that He had done for me. When I woke up, I was smiling from ear to ear. I just needed to be told, once again, how much He loves and keeps us in His capable hands. This dream is not meant to be a “vision”, or some powerful prophetic announcement, it is just a neat little dream the Lord gave me to get me to take my eyes off of myself and have a laugh as well.

I wanted to share it with all of you; in case someone out there might need a little poke in the ribs to get them going also. The Lord has done so many mighty things in my life; countless times, and over and over again. I wouldn’t even be writing this post if it weren’t true; for I would be literally dead. But, because He loves me so much, and due to His unknowable, unfathomable plan for me and my family, He restored me and is still in the process of making me well. I just wanted to share a post about my Wonderful Lord, His in-numerable volumes of Greatness and the all-knowing, all-powerful love Christ has for you.

If you have never experienced God’s amazing love and His greatness, please go to the “How to know God” page on this blog. Please don’t take another step in your life without knowing the awesome power of God’s love, that your heart is secretly yearning for in the first place. You will never be sorry for giving all of yourself to the Creator.

The verse in Ephesians 1:18&19, just seemed to fit the entire way I was trying, which can’t be done, to measure how great the Lord is in my life. I hope it speaks to you as powerfully as it does to me. Here is the verse:  “having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,and what is the immeasurable greatness of his power toward us who believe, according to the working of his great might.(ESV)”

Oh Holy God, how great you are that you give it all for a terrible sinner like me. Please let this verse help you take hold of the Greatness of God and all that He has for you; and everything that He has done.

The Great Plains Poet, floored prostrate by His Greatness, and receiver of the Hope He has for us all.

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In-nummerable Volumes Of Greatness 

by Chris T.

One night, exhausted and battered from my rigorous day,

I gently fell asleep and was suddenly whisked away.

An angel was carrying me to a place bright as the sun,

And in an instant the effort and journey was done.


I was set down in a giant ever-expanding hall,

With volumes of books that were stacked wall to wall.

And as far as my eyes could see,

Spread an infinite amount of books that led out into eternity.

So I asked my companion; the angel who gave us flight,

“What are all these countless books that gleam so bright?”

He began to say they were in-nummerable volumes recorded for me,

About God’s provision, protection and the sacrifice that set me free.

At once I was taken aback; by the magnitude of it all,

For it was too much to measure; reaching down the perpetual hall.

I didn’t want to be rude; but I couldn’t quell my query.

I said: “This couldn’t possibly be all about my life so dreary?”

“Oh yes, yes indeed, these volumes are all for you”,

Spoke the angel to remind of how God loves and prospers so true,

“Trying to capture His immeasurable love and grace,

 So He sent me to bring you to this massive place.”

And the angel went on to explain some more,

That this wasn’t a record of wrongs, or a place of sin floor to floor,

But a hall of celebration to keep your faith fastened tight

And though you might sleep God’s hand works through the night

Giving you all that you can’t imagine or be expected to know,

For He wants you to bear fruit; and that it will grow and grow.

“So when you feel tired, weary and abused,

And especially if you’re frustrated, hurt and confused,

Remember this hall; this ever-expanding place of grace

And its in-nummerable volumes of greatness should light up your face.”

A familiar sound startled me awake,

To the ringing of my alarm clock which my body did shake.

I shot straight up; raising from my bed,

And for once my expression did not look like the dead.

For in the corners of my mouth rose a smile,

Just thinking about those volumes of greatness that went on for miles and miles.

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