“Beauty Gazers” and “God Seekers”

Mt. Baldy, the view of the top and the place I grew up seeing everyday.

Quite some time ago, I used to rock climb. That was a few years in the past and a few pounds ago too. I climbed Mt. Baldy, the Mormon Rocks and various other places in California. I wasn’t very experienced, or used much common sense as far as safety went either; but, because of God’s great and powerful protection from myself, I am still here.

This week I was tossing back some older pages in my “journal of life” and I was having a hard time knowing what drew me to climbing. It took me a while of consternation before all that consideration became an answer; I was searching for what I thought was pure beauty. When you ascend to a greater height, you get the payoff of the wonderous panoramic view that a higher elevation provides. This gives you an andvantage because you have access to a vista that others too afraid won’t have. Feeling the breeze encircle your skin, the flaring of nostrils as they taste a new, a purer air, are some of the allures that climbing was for me. But, washing my eyes in the glorious view that the Lord had created, the way it seemed to touch my soul and speak back to God a thank you for that treasured moment, was the most valuable gift climbing had given to me.

In our lives perspective is everything. When life gets “real” and tough, our attitude, our perspective of it can be a blessing to us or we can choose to feel cursed by it. When we “consider it pure joy”, we are choosing to be thankful for the hard times because God is in control and his mercies never fail; they are new every morning.

One of the ways that help me gain some perspective of a situation and how I am to handle it, is to grab God’s word, turn the key of my car, turn down the road a bit, turn away from the city’s distractions and open my bible to the Psalms. I get a real insight to my life when I think about the greatness of my God. How He measured the universe, knows all the stars by name, can count all the hairs on my head, heaved up all this granite they call Mt. Baldy, and creates life in a woman’s womb, is just a fraction of the ways I think of God’s greatness. After a while of sipping coffee, pouring over the word of God and spending time outside in His kingdom, all is right with my soul and things seem to be overcome in a right attitude; all because of my perspective of God’s greatness.

Another way I get much-needed perspective is to actually seek God; to pray to Him, to meditate on Him throughout the day and to look for Him in the cool of my morning. Starting my chaotic day without that energy producing perspective is almost a waste of a good day under the grace of God. I just flat-out need it. So, in my heart, I try to seek Him in His temple; and in all things. It keeps me elevated and grounded on a firm foundation as well.

While scrutinizing these principles, I discovered I was being a “Beauty Gazer” and a “God Seeker”. These two roles in my christian walk are vitally important in my attitude and my perspective on any given situation. When I am continually doing these two things consistently, I draw the discernment and strength to get through anything that my crazy life can bring at me.

Psalm 27:4 says: “One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house
of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to
seek Him in His temple(NIV). Let us all climb up that mountain, partake of all that God has made for us to enjoy, seek Him in His temple and cultivate a friendship with God; and begin to draw in the rarified air that gives us a panoramic view. It will impart to us a focus letting us see the lay of the land in our lives. Nothing is so great as to give God the Glory He is due and to be thankful in our hearts for it. This is the perspective that “Beauty Gazers” and “God Seekers” enjoy and thirst for; in every breath and in every view that God provides.

 The Great Plains Poet, seeking God with the prescription for my life being; to appreciate all that He has created for me.

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Enjoy the poem, and let it spark in you the need for God’s perspective on your life.

Those Who Are Willing To Make The Daily Climb

by Chris T.

A gentle trickle of perspiration has pooled upon the tips of my fingers;

A product of the effort of this arduous climb.

Though this has made me nervous, I won’t slip and it won’t stop my ascent either.

I must continue to go onward, upward to the payoff of that glorious view,

To collect the gift of a panorama that imparts God’s perspective and truth.

This precipice and mountain top, delivers a taste of air that most won’t aspire to try,

Those too busy to undertake the effort of a life lived on the narrow path.

Folks that are afraid of scrapes, bruises and cuts.

Sadly, the only perspective they achieve is their mirror reflection,

And the dull downcast vision of the darkness of their own path.

Joy is choked from the throats of those who forget the gift of His creation.

No insight is imparted and they wear the spectacles of deception and chaos.

Climbing, toiling, efforting to reach that Holy pinnacle,

The spot that God has carved out for just the two us.

This is “Our recess”, the place you have set aside for the communion between us.

I will not rest until I have reached it, then all is well with my soul.

Somewhere up this rock, fatigue will set in,

It will scream at me to retreat, to let go, to stay put.

But I have deaf ears to anything but the call of my Master,

And His voice commands me to be assurgent,

Giving unto me a gentle song that gives life, energy and restores the resolve to my body.

The daily ascent has been reached and His glory has been witnessed.

I am dumbfounded, astonished, renewed and awash in the perspective,

The “God Seeking” pursuit that pays off in abundance without measure.

As I dangle my feet, at the top, over the side,

My lungs are filled with the uniquely tinged air,

Of the knowledge of a Savior who has given all,

Unto me, unto everyone,

That is willing to taste the oxygen attained at the top of the daily climb.

One thought on ““Beauty Gazers” and “God Seekers”

  1. Reblogged this on The Great Plains Poet and commented:

    Well….I torn two ligaments in my right arm so I need to repost a few older pieces so until the arm heals and I can type. This is a great post about putting God first in your life and the amazing things one will experience and see during your journey to make that daily climb.
    God bless you all my faithful readers, who over the last few weeks, have reaches out to me with support, encouragement and prayers. May our Lord richly bless you all and I dedicate this post to you most of all.
    The Great Plains Poet.

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