Hitting The Bedrock……..Looking For Gold

I don’t get a lot of time to watch TV; but when I do, I seem to be drawn to the reality shows where guys gather together to accomplish some very difficult work. I especially like the shows that hunt for gold. Their efforts to mine out that glowing mineral can be quite unforgiving and rarely does it “pan-out” (sorry) for the team of men who’s livelihood’s are on the line. These fortune hunters will liquidate their 401K’s , their savings, sell their homes, leave family members behind; all to unearth shiny yellow nuggets and gain wealth beyond their wildest dreams.

Wisdom and planning is used to gain the upper hand on the tract of land they feel is “rich” with AU. Monstrous washplants are constructed and set in motion. Enormous mechanical backhoes dig out giant swaths of dirt; all to hit what they call: Bedrock; because that’s where it’s at. A place of recompense that will start to truly yield the results hoped for.

It is known by miners all over the world that when you hit bedrock, the largest concentration of gold will be found. Thus, increasing your chances of hitting the “mother load” as it is called. They will burn through gallons and gallons of diesel, bust off teeth on their backhoe buckets, throw out bearings and push themselves and their machines well past their breaking points. Dozers must push away acres of dirt, backhoes must delve deeper and deeper and washplants must sift and sift; just to reach a profitable concentration of gold that makes all this effort worthwhile.

Our relationship with God can be similar. We often have to “sift” through the world’s superficial “dirt” to hear what God is trying to tell us. We need to put out an effort to backhoe the sin out of our lives as the Spirit directs us where to dig and what to ask forgiveness for. People simply have to desire to work at getting to know the Lord better by spending time with Him daily and searching the Scriptures to ascertain His will for our lives. This has a great benefit to us. In this “digging deep”, we will definitely find God and hit the bedrock where the greatest treasure of all can be easily found; all for the effort of your heart motive in the right place.

So much of the populace seeks their gold in their careers, houses, cars, bank accounts, credit cards, other people; all of which has a fleeting amount of joy, leaving with us the same insatiable hunger they thought would be satiated in the first place.

I spent a lot of my life swinging the pickaxe of futility on a plot of land rich in the world’s wisdom; but rife with sin and idolatry. No longer is that so!

Now, I power up the “backhoe” of my efforts, guided by the Holy Spirit, directed to the land of gold and silver. I dig deep in the Word of God. So, I will be able to build my house upon the bedrock; a foundation that will never crumble or be destroyed. This is the true Gold in my life; a life that is rich in the ways of the Lord. It might be shaken, but my foundation, the one I took the time to dig deep, the granite I built my life upon and the treasure that I took the time to find; cannot be moved, diminished, or have its radiance hidden at all.

Here is a verse to spur you on to dig your foundation deep and find the true “gold”. It is: Luke 6:47-48 ” Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them, I will show you what he is like:
he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built.”

Please don’t spend a moment longer striving after the riches of this world. Ask the Lord to show you how to “dig deep” and find a Savior more valuable than anything the world has to offer.

Please enjoy the poem and start your journey to build upon the bedrock a house that can’t be shaken.

The Great Plains Poet, still working the dirt to find God’s treasure that He freely gives.

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Listen To Your Heart While Piercing The Land

by Chris T.

My friend and brother, why do you dig the rocky soil,

Why is your effort so fruitless, the land that you toil?

For your search for fullness and your endeavor for sin,

Can never bring riches and peace from within.

I can see you swing that heavy ground-breaking tool,

The one that you wield with the skill of a fool.

I’m sorry to speak this with force and blunt.

But now I must tell you that your on the wrong hunt.

Searching and searching for the world’s next thrill,

Gulping them down pill after pill,

Swallowing the pain of a life off the path,

Leads to a bloated stomach and God’s holy wrath.

So, stand next to me and watch my hand,

The way that I kneel before working my land,

Giving up praise, prayer and simple speak,

Imparts to me discernment, to dig and to seek.

In the place where the treasure hits bedrock and granite,

For treasure unknown anywhere on this planet.

My friend, I seek the truth, to build upon a foundation,

That won’t be shaken by evil, gold or any other temptation.

My soul digs deep to find Him, to find the rock,

That shines so brightly on this path that I walk.

If you’ll listen to me my brother and friend,

Put down the pickaxe that follows the world’s trend.

Gather up the dirt, first with you hand,

And listen to your heart and while piercing the land.

Endeavor to go deeper than the shallow dust you’ve unearthed,

Pressing below the world’s prize, a futility that’s coerced,

Striking the bedrock where the treasure resides,

Building the house upon the Rock which stands through shifting tides.

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