The Breakfast Of Fools

My Breakfast of Fools
My Breakfast of Fools

Sitting down with my freshly prepared omelet creation in front of me and sipping my favorite blend of Caribou Coffee, I let an idea roll around in my empty head. An ideal that was meant for malice, intended for destruction; but I entertained it all the same.  This particular morning I was exhausted because I didn’t sleep well the night before; dreams, pain and my old friend Mr.Restlesness seemed to plague me that night. A curious thought seemed to be occupying my mind. The notion was so strange that I grunted out loud while my wife and son shot me a wide-eyed look that said: “Uh oh, someone woke up the lunatic.”

After my accident I lost a few things that most of us take for granted. I don’t have any sense of smell and I can’t taste much either. So, when I eat, I eat for mostly sustenance. The flavors are just not there unless it is very sweet (which I can’t have for other reasons) or very spicy. That particular breakfast was rather dull. It seemed like a life-less egg-beater omelette with not much pomp and ceremony. Now, while I was cooking it in my zombie-like state, I placed the fat-free ham just inside, sprinkled low-fat cheese on top and I carefully made the “flip” with my non-stick pan. Then the coup-de-grass, a generous dousing of flaming, texas styled hot sauce.

I shook the bottle up and down that bland omelet; giving it the necessary kick it would need to wake me up and ignite my broken taste buds smartly. But, that morning I just would not(not, could not) be satisfied. I remember slamming my plate down on the table in utter disgust; which did not thrill my wife at all let me tell you. This early morn I chose to not let anything satisfy me, or, give me joy, or impart sustenance to my body with a thankful heart. No….this particular day, I hired a very expensive event planner to throw me the worlds biggest “pity party”; and let me tell you I was in full regalia! You know what was funny? Even though I sent out an enticing, beautifully wrapped invitation, no one wanted to attend my self-centered event that morning. I was on my own, listening to the music of ungratefulness, gazing at the mirror ball and making my slow plodding turns while dancing to a tune that no one wanted to hear.

That week was particularly hard for me. It seemed like nothing I was doing was working, doing any good, producing any fruit and the effort was exhausting. I just couldn’t see it; the benefit of my testimony, my struggle and the example I show in my walk with Christ. It just seemed like my breakfast was one of a fool and I felt I had been dining on it for too long now.

Nintey percent of the time, I am a voracious overcomer through the Lord’s strength; but, that remaining ten percent can come upon me at the weakest and most unexpected times….today was that day. As I continued to pick up my fork, shovel in ungratifying bites and masticatng my daily “sustanence”, the Lord began to speak. While I was spinning in my “woe is me” dance, an orphanage I support came crystal clear in my mind. Earlier that week, I was sent an article about the weekly activities the children have in that orphanage. What particularly stood out in my mind that dawn, was the excitement the children got on what they call “Egg Day”. This day for them, is the one day of the week they receive some protein and on that day each child receives one egg; and boy do they cherish it.

These extremely impoverished children eat the same thing daily: a cup of rice and some vegetable curry; except on “Egg Day”. What bangs off the page in the photo I am holding is: in the picture, the joyous expressions on the children’s faces can’t hardly be contained. Each kid is holding their prized possesion in their hand; one single egg. My finger brushed the photo once more and I was then convicted of my ungratefulness for all the Lord had done and provided for me; which is almost unmeasurable, except through my testimony.

I asked the Lord to forgive me and help me to see that day all that God had done and was going to do for me in the future. My grasp increased around that metal fork and I lovingly began to usher into my body the “prized posession” of my egg day.

Times are tough all over in today’s world. The economy is up and down, people seem to be more messed up in their lives than a generation ago and we seem to all seek to only further our own lives and intentions. What doesn’t change, and I mean ever, is the great love and care God still has for us. Since the creation of Adam, ’til this moment right now, God’s love for us has not waned even a little. It doesn’t change ever. If it would have, God wouldn’t have even bothered to send His son to us to become our sacrifice for the mission to impart unto us a wonderful life, an abundant life and an eternity forever connected to that love in heaven.

One of the many things that an abundant life gives to us is God’s provision. He provides so much to us, and , to name all of those things would take forever and beyond. So, what I implore you today to do, is to be thankful for the little (and great) things that God has imparted to you. You know, things you really appreciate. I will let you search your souls for that.

Also, If you are hurting, poor, dispondant, depressed and frustrated, take another step in obedience to the Lord and don’t give up. If it is so hard to take another step in your day, I want you to read these two passages in scripture to give you the strength to carry on and remember that God sees your struggle and care mightily about you and your well being. Here is the first passage:

Mark 12:42-44 “And a poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which make a penny. And he called his disciples to him and said to them, “Truly, I say to you, this
poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering
box. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has
put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”(ESV)

Jesus judges the heart and this woman, even though impoverished and burdened from her circumstances, gave it all to the Lord. God misses nothing and blesses those who are willing to give it all.

The second passage: Psalm 109:31 “For he stands at the right hand of the needy one, to save him from those who
condemn his soul to death.”

It helps tremendously to remember where God is at during difficult times of your life. When your forehead’s sweat has run dry. When tears will no longer fall and the weight of your heavy heart feels like the crush of a boulder upon you neck; for God has not forgotten you and sees your struggle. You see, God SAVES the needy and buffers the evil one who constantly wants to destroy you.

I pledge to all of you that I will continue to give Jesus my all; even if my gift is just a penny, even if I feel very alone and my heart is just not in it today. For, at my right hand is all the power, healing, deliverence, hope, joy and blessing I will ever need. Amen.

Please be greateful to the Lord, and never forget he is with you; for He truly has done more than you realize.

This poem is dedicated to a faithful friend of mine who has been a wonderful example to me and a voracious supporter of mine for many, many years. God bless you Lisa!

 Don’t Move That Mountain

by Chris T.

Clearly enough time has passed to realize I am in a desert place,

Not in location, but in my heart and spirit.

So much time has been spent searching the horizon,

For the land of milk and honey, for the oasis of my soul.

My knees are wearing thin, but they still work.

My hands are gnarled, but I still have a grip.

My poor feet are blistered, but they seem to keep making one step after another.

My eyes are bleary, but I can still find that bright light that has guided me.

Though my outlook seems to others bleak and fruitless,

Even if they can’t commiserate and understand,

I am rich in experience and journey,

For I have a great story to tell.

A tale of sin, redemption, faith and miles and miles of obedience.

If we pass each other on the weathered path,

Please stop me and find out about a life lived from the inside out,

For I dipped my bucket into God’s fountain,

As I hummed the old gospel song: “Lord Don’t Move My Mountain”.

7 thoughts on “The Breakfast Of Fools

  1. Well, I can see why the enemy has tried to stop you from getting that out and finished! Congrats!! I’m humbled to tears by you Chris, thank you for everything

  2. Reblogged this on The Great Plains Poet and commented:

    I was just blessed by a new friend who is a pastor in India. He runs an orphanage and preaches the greatness of Jesus. The children there might have an opportunity to read this story so I am re-posting it for them. Champions House kids, you are an inspiration to me and my walk with the Lord and for that I will always be forever grateful! God bless and enjoy the read; mistakes, errors and all.

  3. You know isn’t that just like our friends: you send them an invitation to a pity party and they don’t show up! I had many in the past but always alone! And now having read this great post of yours I will never look at an egg the way I used to again.

  4. Hey Chris, just checking on you my friend. I pray you are feeling better and things are on the up for you. God bless you this time of year, Praying for your health and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Andy, thank you so much for the prayers. It was a rough Christmas for me but had a wonderful time watching my son so happy. May the Lord bless you and keep you sir. Praying the Lord blesses you with much time with your family.

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