Jesus, the “Mother Hen”?

The Mother Hen
The Mother Hen

So I’m sitting in church on Sunday morning. I got my bible on my lap. I am clutching my highlighter, a pen and the bulletin in my left hand; and my eyes are fixed forward on my pastor. My face has a kind of tortured grimace due to the, as usual, big lack of sleep the night before(darn insomnia). The gaze I had that morning set my expression with such a look, like I was burning a hole through the pastor and into the wall behind him. Then suddenly, bang, I almost fell out of my chair and hit the carpet. Did I just hear that right? Did Mr. Randall utter the phrase: “Jesus is like a mother hen”? Now I normally ignore thoughts like this because, we the sleep deprived, seem to “think” we hear a lot of weird stuff. But, as my peepers scan the audience, I witness a lot of chuckles and smiles. Whoa, I did just hear that! Now I have officially heard everything.

Right away I start to think; “Alright Pastor Tony, where are you going with this crazy metaphor?” He then fixes a wry smile on his face and goes into a brief explanation of his thought. He begins to tell a story about a farmer who just had a terrible barn fire. As the farmer combs the wreckage of the devastating blaze, he begins to lose his temper and kick some of the debris on the ground. While continuing on his tirade, he kicks something that makes a distinctive thud-like sound. The farmer bends over to uncover a dead hen charred quite severely. During the examination of the mother with its lifeless wings spread out, some newborn chicks begin to scurry from under her wings; for the mother hen gave her life to save the most important thing to her; the newborn chicks.

So, just as my theological dander was beginning to flare up, I started to see the correlation. God loved us so much that he wants to shield us from the fires of eternal damnation; so, He sent His son Jesus to be the sacrifice for our sins. Thus, his blood covered us all(His children) and will be our shield to keep us from the fires of destruction. Wow, what love! What faithfulness! What a wonderous replacement for our plan of destruction and sin.

You are covered; if you choose to call on Him. The Lord will come into you life, no matter how messy it is, and spread out his wings and shield you from your self-imposed destruction, or otherwise; and give you the salvation you need. God cares for his little “chicks”. He sees each one and knows them all by name, no matter how vast you think the “barnyard” is. He can see “Susie” pecking the corn on the ground. He spies “Steven” tilting his head back to let the water roll gently down his beak into his body. Jesus has an all-encompassing visage of every one of His “chicks”, all at the same time and all at once. And still today, He softly and tenderly sends out a constant call, and to those who have chosen to follow him, will run to their “mother hen” and seek the shelter under his mighty wings.

“Jesus, the mother hen”? I think so Pastor Tony. The message that Jesus cares for us all, so very much, can’t be proclaimed enough in these troubling times.

If you are hurting and you find yourself sitting up late at night wringing your hands in worry for tomorrow, it just takes the utterance from your lips of these words: “Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. I am so tired of doing things my way. Please, forgive me of my sins and save me.” Those powerful words will wipe your debt clean with God and give you a NEW beginning to a life filled with joy and peace. Chose today, to stop being a wayward “chick” and answer the redeeming call of your “mother hen”. This moment was so important to God that he sent his only Son to die for you sins, thus spreading his wings out wide to cover his children in salvation and grace. I made this same choice a few years back and the sting of death’s arrows will never be felt by me; all thanks to the refuge that I take under the wide sweep of Jesus’ mighty wings.

Here is the verse that ties it all together and drives the message home to our hearts. Psalm 91:4 “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and
rampart.(NIV)” What a safe place to live out your life. So, let him shield you today.

Please enjoy the poem below. Feel free to comment, share, re-post, like on Facebook and most of all, tell others what you read here today. God bless you all!

The Great Plains Poet, seeker of the Savior’s call, and partaker of the refuge under His powerful wings.

The Wide Sweep Of The Hen’s Wings

by Chris T.

I peck the hard ground for my morsel, my sustenance.

For I am the wayward chick who strays beyond the fence.

My beak has become worn and brittle;

The mark of seeking my fill in stone-like unfertile land;

But yet, I seek it in my own way, in my own time.

The years of molt have not been kind to me.

Feathers are now thinned and callouses have grown over the top of my legs.

I wish to fly like the way of the eagle,

But in my time, in my way.

Though I beat the air with wing,

I can’t seem to alight onto a breeze.

Sometimes, I hear a whisper, a note careening on the wafting of wind;

But quickly I set my gaze once again on the path I have chosen.

I am so lonely on this patch of yard,

For the ground is hard, cruel, and gives up no bounty.

The scorched smell of smoke fills the nostrils of my beak.

I know that trouble is near and panic is setting in.

I cry out in pain, in a last hope that my life can me saved.

Suddenly, I remember the mother hen’s gentle chirps.

Through the smoke I catch a glimpse of an old familiar shape.

As I run, I see others beginning to gather under the span of her wings.

Each one tucked under the expanse of feathers;

Forming a shield of plumage filled with determination,

To save the most treasured thing the Hen has;

The chicks.

I race as fast as my stunted legs will go;

For the smell of burnt ground and grass fills my lungs.

I, like the others, just make it under the protection of feathers and bone.

As the terrible sound of flames licking the air engrosses our ears,

Each one sinks its body deeper into the pillowed breast of our mother hen.

Sound and time has seemed to stop and I begin to realize; I have been saved,

By the power of the hen’s wings, but mostly by the power of her love,

For each of us, and for every one as well.

My fellow chicks begin to emerge from under the wings.

The diorama is devastating but none is focussed on that,

Just thankful for the care and protection of our hen.

This brought a more sacred value on our lives.

It was at that moment that I knew I had to change

So, that instant, from that day on,

I decided to never stray from the mother hen’s call,

To watch her movements and to mimic her ways,

For I have strayed far and never again want to be removed,

From the wide sweep of the hen’s wings

4 thoughts on “Jesus, the “Mother Hen”?

  1. So very honest and simple, yet the challenge is not always easy. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement. Our posts today do correlate, do they not? I hope there is much healing and restoration in your days ahead, along with the peace and security you already know.

    Lots of changes have come my way, along with heavenly provisions and hellish obstacles. I shall have to update you soon, but where to begin?

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