God’s Little Nerd

What a Jesus Freak!!
What a Jesus Freak!!

“Dad, what is a nerd?” That was the question my boy asked me after school one day as he was masticating his Cheez-it’s. “Son, why are you asking me this?” No answer. I was a little thrown off guard by his question because my focus was on getting his homework and reading done for the day. “Well son, it usually refers to someone who is totally sold out to technology or a specific talent or skill; a person who shapes their entire life around such a skill that they can think of nothing else.”  A wry, conceited smile was beginning to form because I was very pleased with my intelligent answer. My son says: “Yeah, I know that already dad but, what does one look like?” Darn, another stumper! I had to sit quietly for a few seconds before I answered him. The trouble with answering this question is… I don’t want to taint the way he thinks about people. My job as a parent is to get him to try to accept all people no matter what they look like or how they act. So, I knew my response had to be a very careful one but informative in a way that made impact too. While I let the idea roll around in my head like a marble circling inside a bowl, I asked myself: What is a nerd? Immediately a vision from the movie: Revenge Of The Nerds popped right in my head. But, I knew explaining that to my 9-year-old wasn’t going to work. So, I did what all red-blooded American dads do when they are stumped: I tried to punt!….But, I wasn’t able to overcome his offensive onslaught. Man, this boy of mine was brow-beating me harder than Ray Lewis hammers a wide receiver coming across the middle. Dang it, I was going to be FORCED to give him an answer. Then suddenly, before I realized what I was exactly saying, I let loose my definition.

“A nerd is someone who dresses, speaks and acts like they are totally sold out to what they hold dear. For some people it is technology and for others it is music; but what all nerds share in common is: What they treasure dearly in their hearts they live those beliefs out on the outside as well, for all to see. Nerds…are not ashamed of being themselves.” Phew, that should just about cover it. My son looked up from his Cheez-it’s briefly and nodded. Nodded? That was it? Man, if he only knew how much I composed that answer to impart some wisdom and all I get is a nod? Oh well, I hope I spoke correctly and answered his query as the Lord would want me to. While I was laughing about our funny afternoon conversation, I remembered something a long time ago that we all used to say, and most of all, aspire to.

When I first gave my heart to Jesus there used to be a saying that all the youth leaders would say just after telling us we needed to be “Sold Out” to Jesus. Those very patient leaders would say: Don’t just be “Sold Out”, but be a “Jesus Freak”. After my son and I finished our confab I made a connection: We all need to be “God’s Little Nerd”; to use the colloquialism of today.

What does it mean to be “God’s Little Nerd”? I think it means exactly what I said to my son above; to be totally sold out to Jesus and to live out that belief from the inside out. The simple, yet eloquent words of our Lord said this in Luke 12:34: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. 

As a poet, writer and someone who heralds the greatness of our God, I seem to be blessed with some insight into people and how they live their lives. One of the most staggering and tragic trends I have noticed starting  with my generation is : Christians  seem  to be drawn even more into the ways of this world. Instead of hiding God’s word in their heart, they are jamming it to overflowing with the attainment of stuff and comforts. They have strayed from their first love and what the Christian walk really is: putting God first and loving their neighbors as themselves. If you want earthly riches, keep working yourself to the bone and most likely, the desires of your heart will come to pass. But, if you want to put a smile of God’s face and expand His kingdom for HIS glory, put yourself last and others first. ( Mark 10:31). Be a servant like Jesus was. Lay your life down for your brother; meaning; to put others before yourself and you will be living a more excellent way. Ask the Lord to break your heart for what breaks His and you will notice a great change in your life. You will start to lay up treasures in heaven; the kind that are eternal and not fleeting or temporary.

Meanwhile, if you don’t know what it is to follow God or you haven’t given yourself to Jesus, please go immediately to the page on this blog that says: “How to know God” and say the prayer on that page to open up a great and wonderful way of living that reaps peace, joy, wisdom, understanding and numerous blessings that can’t be measured or fathomed with human intellect.

Maybe, you have been with the Lord a while and have somehow lost your way; falling victim to the pitfalls of this world. Perhaps, you have accidentally stumbled upon this blog and you now realize that your heart buries the treasures of this world. Don’t worry…!! It is going to be alright. God’s forgiveness is always there for those who ask. So, do just that and ask Him to turn your eyes back towards Him.

It is time for us all, me included, to get “Sold Out to Jesus”, to work everyday at being a “Jesus Freak” and become “God’s little nerd”; showing outwardly the inward hope of God’s grace and salvation, from the heart of servants who aren’t concerned with what the world thinks of them.

The Great Plains Poet, a Jesus Freak of the highest order, totally sold out to the Lord and God’s little nerd.

Please enjoy the poem below. Take the time to read, re-post, reflect, hit the like button here and on Facebook and most of all, tell others about what you read here today.

God’s Little Nerd

by Chris T.

A few years ago, a strange thing occurred.

I began to quiet my heart and listen.

I endeavored to find a love that would not fail,

A kinship with a bond that couldn’t be broken.

So I released the death grip I had

On money, on gluttony and consuming.

I set free my own dreams, my self-centered one man play;

To allow others upon a stage that the Lord asked me to share.

Now, I started to notice I had removed myself from the lights,

I stepped off of the Red Carpet and traveled upon the dirty asphalt.

No longer did I look in a mirror to primp and preen,

But I knelt down, in the grime, in the stink and firmly in the face of truth.

At first, it was hard to let go of my hard-fought self-ambition.

Oh, the love, God’s powerful love, grabbed and shook me.

The dust of this world had been shaken off,

And I was righteous, pure and free.

An All-Consuming Fire, a new addiction,

Began to burn within me hot and true.

It removed from me the dross, the dull metal that makes no shine,

And left in the depths of me a new purpose and glorious deed.

Crows still gather, they still speak ill of me.

Their words of poison sometimes cut deep,

But God’s fire can’t be quenched.

For I have learned to ignore the words of defective souls.

Instead of securing my place, I step out of line.

Giving my spot to others to share out a love,

That few labor to find and most are too busy to see.

As I travel this wonderful land, I still hear the whispers,

Of the word’s “Freak, Idiot and Nerd”

But, I raise His banner high,

Not afraid to be what He intended,

God’s Little Nerd!

10 thoughts on “God’s Little Nerd

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post Chris! Not only is it evident that you allowed the Holy Spirit to speak directly to your son thru you, but it also opened my eyes to things that were left unsaid. One I will share is when I considered the definition of a nerd I think of the kid in school that got picked on. That “nerd” then shows up in movies, tv, and real life at high school reunions and he is the most successful person there and money has usually helped in any looks department he (or she) was self conscious about. The nerd always seems to always prevail. I imagine a lot has to do with what you said about that laser focus they have. I hope and pray one day I will feel worthy of the title Jesus Freak or Nerd for the Word! As we all know it isn’t easy to reach the expectations we put on ourselves but I will keep working towards it until Jesus takes me home. I admire your love for your son and the time you take to consider and listen to him when something is important to him. He is fortunate to have parents that love him so much!

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