You’re Not Too Lost That You Can’t Be Found

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This week someone was sharing a story with me about a parent that made a very tragic judgment call affecting their children in a negative way. After the story was told to me, I began to shake in disbelief. I starting asking myself: “How can a parent do this to a child?”, “What could possibly be going through their mind?” and “How can someone become so lost?”. It took me most of the rest of the day and into the next to ponder on what the Lord wanted me to get out of hearing this situation. Finally, during my quiet time, the Lord showed me this: You’re not too lost that you can’t be found by God. Your sin and situation, can never be so bad that the Lord can’t deal with you anymore; or won’t be willing to help.

Sometimes, we need to keep in mind the story of the Apostle Paul (Acts Ch. 9). This is a man who hunted down the Lord’s people and persecuted them; even unto death. Then, God knocked him off of his high horse (actually it was a donkey), had a one on one conversation with him, turned Paul around, and he became a voracious supporter of the Lord’s people, and Jesus’ teachings all the days of his life from that point on.

So, if you’re lost, adrift, wrapped up in addiction, sexual immorality, lying, deceit and self-consuming, self-destructive behavior, you are not too far gone to be helped by God. Cry out to Him for help and He WILL turn your life around, then your family, then your community, your country and eventually this world.

As I was writing this post, I was trying my best to come up with a  bible verse that was so insightful, intelligent and thought-provoking; but the Lord wants it to be simple. As easy as it is to get wrapped up into all that sin, it is just as easy to call out to Him for help and forgiveness. So, with that said, here is the verse the Lord would speak to those of you who really need help, those that are lost, and to whom that have fallen deep into their sin. Rev 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” 

 God still knocks on doors of hearts and knocks folks off of donkeys as well. Please answer that call and change your life forever.

The Great Plains Poet, a once, lost hedonistic soul that’s now redeemed by the blood of Christ.

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God bless you all!!

You’re Not Too Lost That You Can’t Be Found

by Chris T.

With a circumstance that surrounds and a disease fully entrenched,

And total effort being solely engaged with a fist that’s clenched,

One can discover in an epiphany that their bound,

But one’s still not too lost that  they can’t be found.

When tragic decisions begin to pile up in a monument to pride,

While resisting the precept that the flesh must die,

We build up facades that entice and erode

Placing a burden; a self-fastened load.

So, if the guilt begins to fester, to harass and vex,

allowing it to cull you, as its muscle begins to flex,

It may begin to seem like a serpent’s grip,

But it’s only the annoyance of hounds at your heels with a nip

Now, if you’re a ship on an ocean without a compass or rudder,

Quiet the knees a knocking with a quiver and a shudder,

For one awaits you with love so profound,

Because you’re not too lost that you can’t be found.

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