Bending Towards The Vinedresser’s Hand

I felt moved by the Lord to repost this piece about abiding in the Lord and to not labor in our own strength during this holiday named “Labor Day”. God bless you all and remember to allow God’s labor to manifest His fruit in your life.

The Great Plains Poet

One of the ways my wife blessed me during  my recovery was to buy me a bonsai tree. I have wanted one since I saw the movie: “Karate Kid 3”. In that movie Daniel and Mr. Miyagi open a bonsai tree store after Daniel uses his college money to purchase the shop. Inevitably, the bad guys want revenge on Daniel because his win at the tournament caused the demise of Cobra Kai martial arts school. Mr. Miyagi won’t train Daniel because he felt that defending  that title would only be for personal gain. The bad guys up the pressure on Daniel and his teacher by demolishing the bonsai tree store and putting up a tournament registration form in its place. Daniel decides, with the help of his love interest, to go get Mr. Miyagi’s family bonsai tree which is down a ravine called Devil’s Cauldron (ooh, how ominous). As Daniel…

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