No Place In The Family Of God

Black Hills Sep2013 028

“The family of God is not a place for verbal put-downs, sarcastic jabs, critical comments, and harsh judgment. We get enough of that from the world.”-Charles R. Swindoll- The Family Of God.
These kinds of attitudes really have no place in the church, or the family of God.

The word of God warns us against a venomous tongue in: Proverbs 18:21-“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

Let the Lord’s people be voracious encouragers; with always a kind word upon their lips. We should be in the habit of building others up; instead of tearing them down.

God bless,

The Great Plains Poet

2 thoughts on “No Place In The Family Of God

  1. See, even this quote Chris I think could help Jeff in his discussion with his friend–he just has to find time to read it, and time is what he’s lacking. Again, sorry to repeat, but maybe you can post this one directly on his wall by “sharing” to his profile page the way I did. I just cut the webpage address for the specific one and pasted it. Just a thought. I noticed he “liked” the post I put there on his page 🙂 I hope he got to read the whole thing.

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