Make Your Motive Love

Black Hills Sep2013 021

“Words that encourage are inspired by love, not by fear”

-Charles R. Swindoll: The Family Of God

It is so easy to give a superficial comment or flattery to someone. The effect will be short-lived because those kinds of exhortations don’t last long as they have no motive of love for the other person. The words of encouragement that last a lifetime, are the ones that are given from a stance of loving that person the way Jesus would; there is the impetus for lifting one up, instead of just clicking the “Like” button on that person and moving on with speed.

Let us all make the words we speak today be motivated by love!

God bless you all,
The Great Plains Poet

4 thoughts on “Make Your Motive Love

  1. What a lovely quote! Fear leaves people with feelings of helplessness and the inability to move forward. But I really believe that it is through our words of love that people change, and move forward in their God-given purpose. Thanks for sharing.

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