As The Pinwheel Turns ‘Round

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Out in my backyard, all the way in the Southwest corner, is a pinwheel. My son stuck it in the dirt there thinking it would be fun to watch it spin from the inside of the house. Its sight line peers right through the sliding glass door and into the living room; and if the sunlight is just right, you can see flashes of red and silver from the couch.

You tend to forget it is there. Then, you’ll be watching the game on TV, and whirling silver catches the corner of your eye pulling your gaze right to that ninety cent toy. Pinwheels are a curious oddity because when they are static, they’re not that interesting to look at; but when they are spinning, whether you’re a child or adult, it seems you’re unconsciously drawn to that rotating trinket. Just one thing though…To get that magic to start to occur, to make your eyes dart in that direction; you need wind. The wonderful benefit of where I live is; there is never a shortage of breeze.

A few months back, I stopped using the gifts the Lord gave me to concentrate on taking care of my physical conditions that I am battling. I didn’t write. I jotted no new ideas down. No songs were written and I shelved everything creative about me whether I knew God wanted me to keep going or not. The pain was intense and I thought, though I was wrong, that pulling everything back was the best thing for me at the time.

I had become static. My heart stopped looking for joy in things around me. Allowing my focus to be solely on me and my fight, stopping everything that God was doing in me and through me. There were no flashes of joy or peace. There was no movement; my life became stagnant.

A few weeks back I was crying out to the Lord. I was sick of all the pain, the loss of functionalities and the feeling of getting nowhere. God brought me back to a principle that He taught me in the beginning of my ordeal; one that I had set down because I thought that “pulling back” was good for me… oh, that flawed human logic!

I chose to let fear dictate what I thought that I would be capable of at the time; totally forgetting the redeeming power of God in my situation. That robbed me of the joy of what I knew God had for me to do; using what the enemy meant for death and destruction and showing how God can strengthen, confirm, establish, and restore you.

So, I made a frightening, painful choice; to not let my conditions dictate what God wants to do through me and my witness for Him. Do I have to take many breaks and rest throughout my day? Yes. Do I have a few days in a row where I am too sick to write and share? Indeed I do. But, I chose to do what I can; when I can, to proclaim all that God has done for me. I don’t want to be stationary anymore. My life has purpose and I want others to see those flashes of light and color as my pinwheel continues to turn. So, then they will be drawn by the Spirit to ask me where I get this Hope, joy, peace and understanding.

Thumbing through my 3×5 cards of memory verses, I found myself landing on a passage I had used many times in the past to keep me on track and remind me to not be given over to fear. It reads: “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10

Maybe you’ve stumbled across this strange blog today? You might be tired of pain, hurt and challenges that you just can’t seem to overcome? Don’t despair. Hope is here; Jesus. I know that circumstances in your life can begin to pile up and it seems that you can’t get out from underneath it. You are wrong! With God’s help, anything is possible. If you want to be saved, just cry out to the Lord with a sincere and repentant heart; and you’ll discover the hand that you have been asking to pull you out of the mire and muck, was there to help you all along. You just needed to ask.

If you are suffering, please allow the grace of God to restore, confirm and strengthen you today. He will get your focus off of the pain and help you to keep your eyes on; not what you can’t do, but what he Will do through you in His power.

Enjoy the Poem below. Please read, comment, re-post, like here and on Facebook and Twitter; but most of all, tell others what you read here today. Share the Hope of Christ; this world truly needs it.

The Great Plains Poet, letting the Spirit of the living God breathe life into my heart as my pinwheel continues to spin and turn.

As The Pinwheel Turns ‘Round
by Chris T.

A small boy catches a glimpse of its turn,
Amidst the carnival rides and the din of festival music all around.
His dart lands true and the balloon is popped.
Smile and anticipation awashes upon the child’s face.
He is the new owner of a colorful pinwheel and a new level of joy.

He must grip it tight and raise it high,
To catch the wisps of breeze,
To make the toy come alive in his hand,
While eyes focused above with intent and purpose,
He whispers: “It will come; the wind won’t let me down”

The sun beat down and no relief came from a gust.
His little hands waited for as long as an excited boy could,
For now he began pulling the pinwheel down to his lips with a breath held full,
This child would make his own wind; his own fortune.

He blew with all his might, his expelled a vigorous breath,
To animate the toy, to capture the feeling of whimsy and purpose.
A frustrated grimace began to be chiseled upon his face.
For a dilemma within him made the effort a perplexity.
He realized that it took so much energy to spin his beloved toy,
But it only would turn a few times and go back to its static state.

Other children on the Midway cast their plaything,
Upon the pavement, near trash cans they laid,
The prize that they worked so hard to gain,
Fell upon the ground in frustration and forlornness.

This boy had an idea from deep within,
To ask for the help from someone larger than him.
So he spoke a gentle prayer not silent but aloud,
That made the Lord’s heart jump for He was proud.

And from the east it fell upon the fair
As the child held his pinwheel high into the air,
With a faith that had not waned or thinned,
God’s steady breath blew just enough wind.

And the Lord watched with pride the boy skip and smile,
Through the carnival, and all the aisles,
With a hand raised high that sent the wheel abound,
As the Pinwheel turns ’round.


7 thoughts on “As The Pinwheel Turns ‘Round

  1. I agree….Jesus is hope! I learned after my stroke, that God didn’t restore me and enable me to do things for man so I could feel normal….he restored me so that I could serve him and now, I concern myself with pleasing only him. May God give you strength and comfort to endure…and may he enable you to serve! God bless!

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