Has America Become A Harlot?

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Has America Become a harlot? This is the question that I began to ask myself one late night when I couldn’t sleep. I began wondering if this question could be answered? Often late night restlessness can bring clarity and I discovered I would get a little closer to answering that question while watching a teen movie.

Early last week, I was watching a movie called: Amazing Love. It is a teen movie which talks about accepting others and remembering that we all have a story, or a past. After two of the young girls in the movie get into an argument, the youth pastor tells them the story of Hosea, the Old Testament prophet.

I was touched so much by the retelling of that story; that I ran to get my bible and read it for myself. So many things rushed to the front of my mind as I combed through the book reading verse after verse and chapter after chapter .

There is a lot of pain in the text; pain felt by Hosea that God would ask him to lay down his plan and take a wife that was a known harlot(knowing all the while that she would be unfaithful). Also, there is pain and disappointment in the Lord’s rebuke of Ephraim. God’s people had strayed so far from him and were sacrificing to idols and trusting in their wealth.

Although the Father reminded the people of Ephraim that he had brought them out of Egypt and provided for them in every way, they still turned from Him. God uses the words “Whore and Whoredom” to describe His people 17 times in this short book of the bible. Those two words were used with so much venom and force, that I became scared of the punishment God would be sending their way.

I pondered this old story in my mind a while, asking God to reveal to me what I should learn of this tale. America came to the forefront of my thoughts. We have drifted so far away from what the founding fathers had intended for the country to be; to be “one nation under God” The Pepsi Corporation recently printed a can with the pledge of allegiance on it with the words “one nation under God” removed; thinking that they didn’t want to offend anyone. But, as I am sure they will eventually realize to their horror , they have offended the greatest person of all: GOD.

Our country seeks evil in every dark corner that they roam. It exchanges guile for justice, chaos for peace, and carnal pleasure for faithfulness. Has America become a harlot? Are we like the nation that Hosea describes in his book? I pray that we are not, but it is starting to seem so.

“We The People”, are NOT lost. We can be saved by our God. He waits for us to repent and turn back to him and his leadership. Just as in the book of Hosea, although God’s anger was stoked to flame, He still made a path to come back to Him; if they would just humble themselves and ask to be forgiven. The United States can experience that same blessing from the Lord as we did in the days of old. Revival CAN happen here just like pastor Greg Laurie has been speaking of in his last few messages. It starts with each and every one of us, then our neighborhoods, each of our states, then our nation will change and come back to Him. I… we… can make a change, to give up our sinful ways and turn back to Him!

The Holy Word of God says: “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”-2 Chronicles 7:14(ESV)

It is so simple, the verse above. We need this. Inside our hearts we secretly crave this, the acceptance by God and His healing for us and our land. We are not lost! If we will put down our own fleshly desires, and turn away from our sin, God will heal us if we are willing to follow Him and believe.

Then, maybe no tears will have to be shed.

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The Great Plains Poet, just one repentant member of a great country, wishing to see revival sweep across this land.

Please enjoy the poem below.

So, Take Heed That We’ll Not Have To Shed Tears

by Chris T.

The servant who’s faithful might suffer a blow,
He might be asked by his Master to believe and trust,
To give up his will and a plan of his own,
Compelled to obey, he makes it a must.

For one such servant was issued a request,
That seemed insane; going against tradition and prudence.
Hosea was to marry a harlot and cling to her breast,
Showing a nation its folly to trust in affluence.

Furthering the Lord’s lesson to His people,
The prophet was asked his children be given specific names,
Ones that didn’t roll off of the tongue and were not regal,
Monikers that didn’t free but sounded like being in chains.

Translated, the first meant, “I will punish soon”,
One son named “Not my people” was conceived,
A daughter called “Not Loved”; a name which makes not one swoon,
And all three names can hardly be believed.

The message was sent with power and force,
From a God concerned about hardness of heart
Warning His people they had drifted off course,
To come back to the place of their start.

Though Hosea had mentioned, and mentioned he did,
The people didn’t listen and care for his words,
Wrapped up in sin is where they hid,
Unbinding their loins and untying their girds.

Even close to home the prophet was struck,
For the harlot he married had left to seek her pleasure,
After some time she became down on her luck,
Making Hosea pay a great treasure.

But all through the punishment, God still made a way,
A path that could be swept clean by repentance and remorse,
Because of His character The Lord’s love did not wane,
If the people would bear witness to the Father’s force.

A great lesson for today can be learned in the text,
If the world will not succumb to sin and fears,
Ignoring the Lord will lead one to be vexed,
So, take heed that we’ll not have to shed tears.

6 thoughts on “Has America Become A Harlot?

  1. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the like and the follow. Yes, Hosea is a marvelous story of His love for His people Israel, and, by extension, all His people. Yes, the US has come a long way, even in my lifetime. Things commonly accepted in “churches” today were abhorred in my youth.

    1. So, very very true. I remember saying in the 80’s “Jesus will be coming any minute now because the world has become so wicked”. Now, those wicked times in the 80’s don’t seem to hold a candle to the horrific way we justify our sins; creating new and inventive was to accomplish them daily. Thank you so much for the comment.

  2. I too have been reading about the end times in Daniel, and Revelation. As I was studying, the song we used to sing at school popped into my head, “God Bless America”, and as I silently sang it in my heart, I realized that children do not get to sing this song in schools anymore. I am deeply grieved that the America I once knew in my youth, has become like the harlot described in the bible.

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