Cheerios, Coffee, The Bible, Good Cheer: A Recipe For Kicking Off My Day

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Crunch, crunch…Chew, chew…Mash, mash, and nosh, nosh were the sounds that broke the silence sitting at my kitchen table one morning. As this day’s breakfast began, I started to masticate my Cheerios with a slow grind that resembled a Holstein chewing the cud. My eyes would glance at the box, down to my bowl, up to my bible and back to the box of cereal again. I repeated this exercise a few times when I noticed a curious theme starting to unfold before me in my bible. There appeared to be a strange correlation between what I was eating and the words I was reading. This daybreak was going to be different from the others of the week for sure.

Morning, that glorious time which allows you to ease into the start of your day and sets the tone for the rest of it. Those few, brief moments before the day assails you with work, stress and deadlines galore. It will either start off with peace or turmoil in most homes. There seems to be no third option. So, its importance I do not take lightly and I rarely deviate from my daybreak routine.

When I am kicking off my morn, I like to grind up that java, start the coffee maker, and grab me a bowl of oatmeal or cereal. Next, after all of the cobwebs are finally cleared and the business of a modern family’s AM routine are over, I like to break open the bible and start talking to my Lord. Since that is where I will find the strength and peace for this day that is dawning; I go right to the Source.

My eye traveled downward and stared at the spoon I was holding in my hand filled with an in-human amount of Cheerios. Circles, lots and lots of circles, and they were everywhere. Upon my spoon, within my green ceramic bowl and printed on the surface of the box, were circles. They spilled off of my utensil and on top of my table giving me a chuckle with a food-laden toothy grin. By happenstance, the same hand that was grasping the spoonful of cereal touched the page of my bible and drew my eyes to a passage. One sentence grabbed my attention as it read: “Be of good cheer”. A smile pulled at the corners of my mouth as my discernment of what God was starting to show me finally was put into a slow, methodical motion.

A few years back, I made a decision to follow Christ. Shortly after, I wished to live a more Godly life, to be sanctified; which means to separate from the world and to consecrate myself to God. I had left my sinful earthly bonds and entered into God’s house ready to do His will and set aside my own. I felt, since Christ was the lover of my soul, I was going to love Him right back with all I could muster and live a life fully given over to Him.

I crunched a few more Cheerios down and let my spirit wonder what this would mean for me. What was this new revelation going to produce in me? Then, without warning and in mid-swallow, it hit me like an ACME safe falling upon my head from above; Cheer! Huh? What? Seriously… cheer? I must be a lot more tired than I realized! Then the gentle voice of my Lord spoke. He said to look again at the cereal, the highlighted passages that your bible is open to, the parallel that you’ve searched on Blue Letter Bible and the scrap of paper you have jotted notes on. I did that, and unfolding before me was a common thread to all the verses: Cheer.

The words fell like dominoes in my mind as I accelerated through each verse I had found. They spoke things like this:
“Son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you.”-Matthew 9:2(NKJV)
“Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well.”-Matthew 9:22(NKJV)
“Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.”-Matthew 14:27(NKJV)
“In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”-John 16:33(NKJV)

The sound of my spoon hitting the rim of the bowl rang out in the kitchen; for the Lover of my soul, had once again spoken into my life. This morning, He wanted me to know that I was forgiven, healed, free from fear, and I would have help overcoming this world I was about to enter into.

How can you not love a God like that! One who is so faithful to his people! Once you have been redeemed and sanctified by Him, that love is felt so deeply that you just can’t help but wait upon him with an expectant heart full of good cheer.

While the last spoonful of Cheerios goes slowly down my throat, during the act of satiating my appetite, my hunger for my Lord grew all the more. Beginning each day remembering the many blessings that God bestows upon us, produces good Cheer in you. It calms the inner storm and fans a flame for more of Jesus in your life, all of your life, and completely. Being thankful, happy and grateful for all Christ has done for you. Especially, when you start off your day that way, gives you a peace that helps you get through the rigors of all that will be thrown at you daily.

I am now addicted to opening each day with a hunger for knowing Jesus more and appreciating all that He has done. After years of this routine, I discovered the recipe for kicking off my day:

Kicking Off My Day

1 cup Cheerios
1 seething Carafe of Coffee
1 infallible, God inspired Bible
2 pinches of Good Cheer
1 eternity of Conversations with Jesus

If you don’t have good cheer and peace in your life, please email me, comment on this blog, or click the link on this blog called: “How to know God”. You will see such a change that you will wonder why you’ve waited this long to be loved that much.

So, when you awake next morning, and the sound of cereal echoes in your ears, run to him in your spirit and pray. Join anew each day with your Lord and be of good cheer because:
You are forgiven!
You are healed!
You are free from fear!
You will overcome this world!

The Great Plains Poet, lover of the Lover of my soul and sold out to the King of Kings.

Please enjoy the poem below. Take the time to comment, re-post, “Like” on Facebook and Twitter, and most of all, tell others what you read here today. God bless you all.

Tugging Upon My Heart With Cheer
by Chris T.

You’ve touched the deepest part of me,
Waiting with expectations of joy.
Tugging upon my heart with cheer,
The tool in which you employ.

Before I was formed, you set me free,
With a gift of free choice,
Keeping it lit, the light from your home,
And calling with your gentle voice.

For you are the One who waits in my path,
On a precipice of decision, a place of true love,
Waving me home with arms opened wide,
Embracing and onward,
Grasping my Lord’s hand that waits from above.

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