Free Poem Friday-10/11/13

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“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”-Mat 10:39(ESV)

Hello Folks and welcome to the first installment of Free Poem Friday!

Please let the Lord speak to you through this piece.

Enjoy the poem below. PLEASE, take the time to comment, re-post, “Like” on Facebook and Twitter, and most of all, tell others what you’ve read here today.

May the Glory of the Lord shine upon all your faces today…and everyday!

The Great Plains Poet

The Grasp Of Which I Now Release
by Chris T.

I eat the bread of your mercy each day,
The Manna I collect which you lovingly provide.
Sprinkling my sight with color; no more visions of grey,
Making my footing firm, so no more do I slide.

There was a time ago that I toiled and strived,
In my own power, a fruitless, powerless affair,
Planning and schemes of which I contrived,
Though the warnings of God said to beware.

Then one day I snapped out of this waking dream,
A path that I had been living since I was young,
And I noticed that sin and selfishness were its central theme,
While I hurt souls with the sting of my tongue.

So I gave it all away; my sin and my will,
The self-fulfilling road that led to death,
Putting down the hammer just to be still,
Resting in the Creator’s presence while taking a breath.

Now each day starts without the nervous thought of effort and meaningless attempt,
I rise up in peace, I go about fulfilled and I lay my head upon His gentle peace.
Knowing that the mark of sin upon my life is now stamped exempt,
Because I’ve given Jesus my heart; the grasp of which I now release.

If you find yourself lost in the struggle in this world, God has peace and strength for you. If you want to change, you CAN! If you want to know Jesus as your Savior, email me at, or click on the tab called “How to know God” and pray the prayer from your heart and you will be changed forever. I was!!

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